An Industrial Accident with Ministry – Los Angeles 4/23/19

Photo credit: Maurice Nunez

Tonight was the last night of what was a 6 show mini-tour of the Wax Trax’s film “INDUSTRIAL ACCIDENT: The Story Of Wax Trax! Records”.  This is the story behind the independent record store and label and shows the journey of two music-obsessed men from the bible belt to Chicago. The film travels through the underground culture of music and art as these two men expose emerging music and artists to fans from around the world for the first time. This was sponsored by Van’s in conjunction with Record Store Day.

The evening got started with the showing of the documentary and the venue was packed full of eager music fans wanting to get a look at the history behind Wax Trax the store and record label as well as the two men behind it all. Such a great film, which included old footage of bands and interviews from many of the employees and artists (Richard 23/Front 242, Al Jourgensen/Ministry, Chris Connelly/Revolting Cocks, Groovie Mann/Thrill Kill Cult, Trent Reznor/NIN and many others that were involved with Wax Trax. Once the film was over, there was a great standing ovation from the crowd. Definitely received well from the Los Angeles fans. From there it was followed up with a Q & A, which allowed the fans to ask questions to those involved with the film including Julia Nash, the Director/Co-producer, Paul Barker/former Ministry member, Buzz McCoy/Thrill Kill Cult and some others. If you haven’t had a chance to see the film, the DVD is on sale and also includes up to 75 minutes of additional footage.

Once the Q & A concluded, the venue was cleared out for the second part of the evening. All the seats had to be cleared out which lead the way for the music. Cold Cave got the show started which is an LA based dark synth band. They sounded like a band from the mid-80’s and had that dark industrial/new wave vibe to them. The crowd really enjoyed their set.

Next came Uncle Al and his Ministry crew. Al started the show by saying tonight was going to be all old stuff since it was a Wax Trax evening and event. Then they started with the show with “Missing.” It was nice, loud, and had a pounding force that made your heart feel like it was about to burst! The Teragram Ballroom was packed with a room full of devoted Ministry fans getting into each song and singing every lyric. Al Jourgensen and the band seemed to be very pleased. A truly historic evening and event. Very thankful Van’s brought this show to Los Angeles.

See photos and set list from tonight’s event below. And be sure to pick up the “INDUSTRIΛL ΛCCIDENT: The Story Of Wax Trax! Records” film.

Definitely a must see!

Ministry Set List – April 23, 2019
Missing | Deity | Stigmata | Jesus Build My Hot Rod | Just One Fix | NWO | Burning Inside | Thieves and Liars | So What | No Devotion | Supernaut | Land of Rape & Honey | Halloween

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