CONCERT REVIEW: GBH, Angelic Upstarts, Bad Co. Project at the Observatory in Santa Ana, May 25, 2018!

G.B.H. at The Observatory in Santa Ana, California on Friday, May 25, 2018. Photo credit: Gloria Skulls

What a lineup! GBH, Angelic Upstarts, Bad Co. Project and CRIM for one night only!

I’m no stranger to this venue, so I was not surprised with the number of fans that came out that night. Southern CA is very big in the punk and skin community so these type of shows, for the most part, are always sold out. The energy from all the bands was intense, the pit filled up quickly and there was nearly any room to walk by but that’s expected when you have such a good line up at The Observatory.

Southern California always has great punk shows that you can go to, I would suggest if you are in the area to try and make it to one. The energy of the crowd interacting with the bands is powerful and truly something to experience.

I was very excited for Angelic Upstarts and GHB. Both bands had a great setlist and performed impeccably good. The pit was nonstop, we had our body surfers and even some fans got on stage and jumped into the moving circle of punks. There were some nosebleeds probably from people getting hit in the face by boots or maybe getting thrown down to the floor in the pit. A few fights broke out but nothing security couldn’t handle, that’s kind of expected when you go to a punk show. Overall it was a great night and a great show.

Mensi, frontman of the Angelic Upstarts had a few jokes in between songs, it was refreshing and entertaining hearing the crowd laugh at his jokes before revving everyone up for the next song. His energy and his attitude were projected on the crowd and everyone sung along to all the songs, he did a good job prepping everyone up for GBH.

GBH is no stranger to The Observatory, nonstop madness from being to end. I love that these guys are giving it their all on stage and it truly does show because your left wanting more. Until next time!

– Gloria Skulls, Photojournalist for Go Venue Magazine [All photos by Gloria Skulls]


Angelic Upstarts

Bad Co. Project