Chicano Batman is a Dream in Bakersfield

Los Angeles-based rock band Chicano Batman performing to a crowd audience at Central Park in Bakersfield, California on August 25, 2022. (Photo credit: Stephanie Lemus)

BY STEPHANIE LEMUS | Go Venue Magazine

Chicano Batman is a whole vibe. They formed in 2008, are based out of Los Angeles, and have a psychedelic funk sound to them. They played to a crowded audience at Mill Creek at Central Park in BakersfieldCalifornia on August 25, 2022. It was a hot night, with the temperature above 90 degrees at 9:00pm, but no one seemed to care. People were dancing and singing along with the band to the song, “Freedom is Free,” under the night sky. Their album, Invisible People was released in 2020 and when they performed “Invisible People,” the crowd joined in and passionately cried out the verse, “fuck the system!” It was an emotional moment for everyone and really fired up the crowd. Fans were yelling out how much they loved the band and how this was the best night of their life. Clouds of smoke bellowed over the crowd and the stage while fans were grooving to the music with a cold beer in their hand. They performed one of their best hits, “Cycles of Existential Rhyme” from their 2014 album of the same name, which sent everyone into a frenzy. Younger kids were waiting by the stage to give the band gifts they made after the show. Another way Chicano Batman is so unique is how they can go from English to Spanish music so seamlessly that it’s mesmerizing.

Their music is perfect when you’re looking to have a chill night with good friends. You won’t want to miss them when they come into town. They have show and festival dates through the end of the year, all listed on their website and social media.

All images © Stephanie Lemus

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