Morbid Angel, Watain, & Incantation Bring the Sickness Tour to Santa Ana

Morbid Angel. Photo credit: Maurice Nunez.

BY MAURICE NUNEZ | Go Venue Magazine

Tonight [11/27/2019] brought the 2019 USA Sickness Tour featuring Morbid Angel, Watain, and Incantation to The Observatory in Santa Ana, California. It promised to be a night of pure, brutal metal. It was a rainy day in Southern California, but that didn’t stop fans from lining up an hour before doors opened. Many were there early to ensure they had first shot at the merch booth while others took their spot right up front near the stage.

Tonight’s metal fest got started with Incantation. They are a death metal band that formed back in the late 80’s and are one of the leaders in the death-metal scene. Once they took the stage, the crowd came alive. Their assault was loud, fast, and brutal. They played songs like “Ascend Into the Eternal” and “Impending Diabolical Conquest.” Incantation did not disappoint and was a perfect way to get the festivities started. Be sure to catch their set on this tour.

Next it was time for Sweden’s black metal masters, Watain. Led by vocalist Erik Danielsson, Watain brought their metal ritual to a full house here in Santa Ana.  Just recently the band experienced a minor setback coming to the US to begin the tour as their guitar player, Pelle [see link], was taken into custody, locked up and interrogated for hours, only to have his newly approved US working Visa revoked. From what we understand, this decision was completely unwarranted. This was unfortunate to say the least, but this did not bring things to a halt. The band did not let this detract them and they decided to continue the US tour as a four piece with Erik taking on double duty with vocals and bass.

Watain started the evening with the classic and brutal, “Sworn to the Dark.” They went on and blasted through songs like “Nuclear Alchemy,” “Malfeitor,” and “Furor Diabolicus.”  The crowd could not get enough of the Swedish based metal demons. These guy’s absolutely destroyed The Observatory tonight. They concluded their set with “Total Funeral” and “On Horns Impaled.” Let’s hope they make their way back very soon. A must see on this tour!

The evening was now set for Morbid Angel. Morbid Angel are a death metal band based out of Tampa, FL. They formed back in 1983 and are considered one of the most influential bands in the genre. This was my first opportunity to see them live. They came out to a packed venue full of screaming metal headbanging fans.  They got the evening started with “Piles of Little Arms” then went right into “D.E.A.D.”  They went on to rip through songs like “Garden of Disdain,” “Unholy Blasphemies,” and “Summoning Redemption.” Such an honor to finally see these guys live. They concluded the night with “Nothing Is Not.”  This was the perfect show the night before Thanksgiving!

The North American Sickness 2019 tour runs through December 12th. Check full list of tour dates here.

See photos from tonight’s show below.

Morbid Angel



All images © Maurice Nunez
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