“Angels, Demons, and Re- Birth. A chat with Waylon Reavis.”

Waylon Reavis talks with Go Venue Magazine about current band A Killer’s Confession. Where he has been, where he is going, Squashing his demons and passing the torch to his children.  

GVM: Good Afternoon Waylon!  I had the opportunity to listen to “Unbroken” and I did a compare and contrast with your vocal stylings during your Mushroomhead days and I must say “Angel on the Outside” is such a departure from what you have done in comparison. You have a  beautiful voice under all that screaming!

Waylon: (Laughter) People say that all the time and I am like “No, this is back where I started. I truly feel that A.K.C is a continuation of what I began in “ 3 Quarters Dead.”   I joined Mushroomhead and I became the screamer.

GVM: Yes! You did! That takes a lot out of a person to sing that way for as long as you did it.  It would just stand to reason that there is some formal vocal training under there that we would get to enjoy at some point.

Waylon: It has always been there. I’ve always kind of used it. Just never in the real forefront of the band and I mean trust me the fans tell you “Oh, We are never listening to you again” Because, they have.  “ Rebirth” is the most mellow song on the album. “Unbroken” was a very angry album. But, I had to get that off my chest. Some have said that I pulled no punches or took no prisoners or whatever with that album. Well, once I was done that part of me was finished with it. Not music, but with that anger. It was one of the last healing points for me. Then, when we did “Angel” we went into a more emotional feel. When I started to work with Sahaj he had me really pull into my lyrical depths and storytelling and visiting that side. With these new songs we picked up right where we left off with “Angel” and “I Wish” they have the same depth and the same emotional draw. Sahaj doesn’t play with me either. He pushes my vocals to a place they have never been. It is just one of those things. I am very lucky to have Sahaj. He is not just the produce. He is a friend that sees a lot of potential in me. He keeps reminding me “You have been here. I am going to take you HERE.” I get a little pride in me and I fight back then I realize that is why I am here. That is why I am working with him.

GVM: It seems this is exactly where you want to be at this point in your growth as an artist.

Waylon: It IS! It IS!

GVM: Many times when an artist changes gears in such a way they lose many their fans, but I don’t see that happening because, your new stuff is beautifully done.

Waylon: That is, the hope. The point of A.K.C is kill the demons from my past, they reared their ugly head and we are just trekking forward no matter what happens. Some people have this idea of me from my past being with Mushroomhead and who I am and what I’m about and they’ll find out at the end that this is not the case.

GVM: Your demographics seemed to garner a younger crowd with Mushroomhead and I know at that age we get attached to our Rock Gods and grow to expect a certain sound from them and that is changed we find ourselves as fans asking “Why?”

Waylon: (Laughing) YES! When I left it was a very hard thing for people to take ahold of but, we aren’t going to get into that. That subject *leaving Mushroomhead* has reared its ugly head more than few times and has bitten me in the butt!

GVM: NO SIR! We are NOT! (laughter). I want to talk about the fun things you are doing now! So, I saw your LIVE video recently and you were recording with Sahaj. Is there a firm date for the new release?

Waylon:  We are shooting for a September release date and are currently still recording and working that out.

GVM: I learned that your son is your drummer? How fun is that?

Waylon: It is really awesome. He is my stepson and he is one of the best talents I have. He is amazing. He is 22 and a beast. He can play anything he wants. He can refocus me. He gives me other purpose with the group. It is not just my group. It is my vision to have a family member with me. He is new to this and it is that chance to take him under my wing. Show him the correct way of how to be and how to react and how to truly survive in this industry.  It is kinda like the family pizza shop

GVM: The Partridge Family.

Waylon: (Laughing) except we are probably not going to be singing about dancing! I want to bring them up in it and eventually pass the torch to them

GVM: That brings up an interesting question. So, Waylon Reavis you are at the end of your life and looking back what are you most proud of?

Waylon: The thing I am most proud of? (pause) The moment I stepped foot on stage with Korn to sing a song “Somebody, Someone”. Not many people can say they have done that. That was a bucket list moment in my life. I was there to see Korn and listen to their music because I am a fan. I got to sing with the band that truly was the first band I ever watched and the band that really made me want to do this. Not many people can say that they got to work with their rock idols and that was my proudest moment.

GVM: How exciting for you! I love Korn myself. I had a similar moment when I shot and reviewed them during the “Return of the Dreads” tour a few summers back. I completely understand that feeling of absolute joy when we do what makes us truly happy.

Waylon: YES!!! I saw that tour! It was amazing!

GVM: Absolutely wonderful show.

Waylon: We were blessed to have Brian “Head” Welch play on the song “ A Killer’s Confession”  and it was a phenomenal gift he gave us by doing that. It sounds like HIM. It became our tribute to Korn. But, we had Brian playing on it so we could get away with that. (laughter)  It is one of my favorite songs off that album.

GVM: so, tour starts May 19th at the Rail Club in Fort Worth, Texas.  Will you be shooting any new videos before the album is released in September?

Waylon: Yes. May 19th kicks it off. Yeah, we will be shooting more videos. We are coming up with concepts and ideas for them.

GVM:  The videos you have released thus far are visually assaulting and exciting. We can’t wait to see your next offering!


Be sure to catch A Killer’s Confession out on tour beginning at The Rail Club in Fort Worth, Texas May 19th 2018.

You can find them at  http://akcofficial.weebly.com/