An Interview with Ben Falgoust II and Sammy Duet of GoatWhore

GoatWhore - L to R: Zack Simmons, Ben Falgoust II, James Harvey and Sammy Duet

On day one of OZZFEST I had the pleasure of seating down with lead singer Ben Falgoust II and guitarist/back vocals Sammy Duet.

Gloria (Go Venue): Hi guys, I want to start by thanking you for meeting me, the first time I actually saw GoatWhore perform was 2014 and you guys where opening for SAMHAIN 30 Bloody Years Tour, I was front and center and you guys blew me away, your energy with the crowd and how raw your sound was, it was amazing.

L to R: Sammy Duet, Gloria (GV staff), and Ben Falgoust II

Ben: Awesome, thank you!

When was the last time you guys did Ozzfest? Or Knotfest?

Sammy: Last year we did Ozzfest.

Ben: This year were doing Knotfest, Well we’ve done it different times, the first time we did it was in Frisco Texas, it was at some stadium and Metallica played and King Diamond, then we did it the year that.

It was like 6 shows, San Bernardino, Chicago, Pittsburg somewhere in Connecticut, Boston, New Jersey then we did Knotfest like what 3 years ago?

Sammy: Yes.

Ben: Then we did Ozzfest last year and Knotfest this year.

Sammy: Yes, and I got arrested the year before that at Knotfest.

You got arrested?

Sammy: It’s a long story.

It’s ok we have time.

Sammy: No, of course no thats a completely different story

Ok, maybe a story for a different time, lets talk about your new album that just came out this June, Hows is this album different from your past albums, is there anything different that you guys incorporated in this album that you didn’t do before?

Ben: We got better (laughs)

Sammy: Of course, we been practicing.

I mean, you guys have done this for 20 years, maybe more what do you mean you got better?

Guitarist and founder Sammy Duet. Photo by Maurice Nunez

Ben: Well you have to admit that with bands, well maybe all bands, theres an evolution process and the growth and you know.

Sammy: Yes, yes and over the years bands get lazy, we don’t like getting lazy we like to practice, the older we get the more we feel like we have to practice.

Ben:Were like fine wine, it takes years to get really good

But 20 years is such a big milestone, I would think so right 20 years of being great musicians

Ben: Well if you compare it to newer bands that don’t last that long then yeah

So now that we pointed out the 20 years of GoatWhore, what plans do you guys have in the future for the band?

Sammy: More evil lyrics

Ben: See I feel that as we get older, we feel younger on what we want to do.

Its like when a band get older they tend to tame things down on the way they do things and tend to go Oh well we want to go as extreme as we can in the other direction

Sammy: Its like were on reverse.

Ben: Its like were trying to keep our youth doing that.

Yeah, I understand what you’re saying, and I mean it works I can totally see your point.

Vocalist Ben Falgoust II. Photo by Maurice Nunez

Ben: But not only that because you have to admit too that theres a lot of young bands out there that are really good and when that gets put in front of you, your like theres no way we can keep up with someone like this because were older we have to keep up to the par, its competitive in a way but not really its just something you have to think about.

Lets talk a bit about your musical influences, I don’t think Ive ever really seen an interview or somewhere where you guys talk about who inspired you and why you got into music.

Sammy: Theres a reason for that, because it’s so wide that we can be here for over an hour talking about our musical influences because from everywhere from Punk, Black Metal to Death Metal, Thrash Metal to Traditional Heavy Metal, like I said we can be here for over an hour talking about it.

Ben: I mean the real roots are their like Carpathian Forest, Venom, Bathory.

Sammy: GBH

Ben: Yeah but then it expanded from there, they have like a main base but then it goes from there because growing up we were all into a lot of different things, black metal, thrash metal, its all pretty close in general it just gets divided into many different genres but a lot of it falls into the same categories.

I know you guys are not performing till tomorrow, so are you here to see any band perform today?

Ben: Were just hanging out and seeing bands, we want to see OZZY with ZAKK again.

Sammy: Yeah were very exited to see OZZY with ZAKK, thats going to be fantastic!

Ben: Its awesome that the kinda got back together for this, we been hanging out by the other stage, we got a lot of friends there, High on Fire, Havok, 1349, all those bands that we have toured with in the past, were hanging out with them watching them play, its been like a fun day before we actually do what we are here to do tomorrow.

For newer bands that are trying to follow your footsteps or just the music career in general, what kid of advise do you have for them?

Sammy: Don’t, Don’t even start, stick to your roots and get ready to bust your fucken ass it’s a lot of work.

Ben: It could be a lot of work but don’t let it.

Sammy: Don’t let it discourage you, if it’s a dream in your heart follow it.

Ben: If you have a certain idea in your head and it’s not what its supposed to be then don’t do it but if you have this thing where it’s a mutual thing with everyone, where everyone is on that same path then go for it, but if you looking for this (makes money gesture) right off the back you’re not going to make it.

One more question, what kind of advise would you give me as a female in the metal scene where its still mostly dominated by males.

Sammy: Consider yourself lucky, you’re hanging out with the hottest guys on earth (laughs)

I agree.

Ben: I actually think its been growing a lot because more females are coming out to shows to be more involved and more interested in whats going and being a part of it its fucken awesome, I think for a while there, maybe they where scared or maybe they just felt like they didn’t fit in but with everything that we all do, we kinda share the same experiences in this style of music and I think that once people over came some kind of social stigma they realized that yeah we all kinda share this common thing, we share the same ideas, I think its awesome that more people are stepping in to get involved. Thats how it started any way, people working together with everyone being on the same point that what makes it work.

Well, thank you guys again for meeting with me, hopefully someday we can do an extended version of this interview, it was my pleasure.

Ben: Yeah of course and thank you

Sammy: Yes thank you

– Gloria Skulls

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