ALBUM REVIEW: Nashville Pussy’s Pleased to Eat You

The album due out September 21 everywhere

L to R: Ruyter Suys (guitar); Ben Thomas (drums); Blaine Cartwright (vocals/guitar): and Bonnie Buitrago (bass)


Describing themselves as “psychobilly” and “trash metal,” the Atlanta rock group Nashville Pussy may not be for everyone but they do have an audience. Showing nearly a half million views on one of their videos on seems to convey that they have fans that have acquired a taste for their particular style of loudass music and a no holds barred shock rock behavior behind the curtain as well as on stage.

“Pleased To Eat You” Album Cover

Upcoming album titled “Pleased To Eat You” next week, there are a few surprising marketable hits within the 13 choices of new material to soak up.

With rough and sometimes scratchy vocals hidden under a drum beat so loud, it’s often difficult to hear the lyrics, I found that a few of the songs were tolerable for the masses and even though it may not be a favorite type of personal musical preference for some, I would never insist on restricting anyone’s creative outlet and music is an open market free for all to explore, as far as I’m concerned.

An obvious play on words with the album title, it’s was the bluesy song “Hang Tight” on the album that spared us the shock value and actually demonstrated a quality I wasn’t expecting. When taking that trash/thrash metal down a notch or two, a talent is revealed underneath all that bravado to deliver a subtle sequence of capable musicians who are obviously having fun with their instruments.

Intense and brash at first, the softer side lets us in on the secret that getting attention is the first score at getting listeners in the door and then they display the evidence of their genius, that they really can play. It’s like shock jock Howard Stern who pisses people off with his unconvential conterversial topics who eventually has you nodding your head in agreement with him at some of his dubious discussions.

Another song “Testify” reminds me of old metal similiar to the group Onslaught from the mid 1980s, and demonstrates that this band is capable of producing some quality music that shouldn’t be discounted in the market.

The blues sounds were surprising with guitar riffs that explode on the track “Woke Up This Morning” and I’d recommend turning this up if you plan on purchasing this new album. It starts off blazing but dips some and comes back later to expose a real musical talent that isn’t wasted.

With 13 tracks to choose from, this southern trash metal band doesn’t need the gimmicks but attention is what gets you in the door these days, and maybe they can hang back on some of the shock value to accept that talent will prevail, it just make take a little longer.

This group isn’t for everybody, but this music reviewer didn’t mind stripping it down to what was hidden beneath the peacock strut, a lively and impulsive group that possesses an audible and bankable price despite it’s train wreck attention seeking appeal.

The band was founded in 1997 and recently came off an international tour to develop this new material in what is their 7th studio album. If you like it loud and dirty, with a bit of a Motörhead resemblance, then this is the band for you.

“Pleased To Eat You” due out September 21 through earMUSIC Records and I’m willing to bet their live shows are a memorable event if you happen to catch one.

“Pleased To Eat You” track listing:

  1. She Keeps Me Coming And I Keep Going Back
  2. We Want A War
  3. Just Another White Boy
  4. Go Home And Die
  5. Low Down Dirty Pig
  6. Testify
  7. One Bad Mother
  8. Woke Up This Morning
  9. Drinking My Life Away
  10. Endless Ride
  11. Hang Tight
  12. CCKMP
  13. Trying To Pretend That I Give A Shit

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