AC/DC Tribute Band Thunderstruck Wows the Crowd at The Machine Shop

Guitarist Corey Baetz and vocalist Dave Moody of AC/DC tribute band Thunderstuck, based out of Louisville, Kentucky, live performing at Michigan’s well-known small venue The Machine Shop in Flint on Friday, February 8, 2019. Photo credit: Mike Shaler

BY MIKE SHALER | Go Venue Magazine

February 8th, 2019 in Flint, Michigan was a cold blustery night, but fans inside The Machine Shop took cover from the harsh weather and packed the venue to enjoy an evening of rock and roll cover bands.  Thunderstruck: America’s AC/DC headlined the event along with Psychotic Paradise, a Tesla cover act.

Psychotic Paradise got the show going in style with that unmistakable Tesla sound.  Fronted by Nikki Dee, she belts out the vocals like nobody’s business.  With Gary O and Leppard on guitars, Zap on bass guitar and JK on drums.  These guys are all smiles and all about having a good time while they jam.  Playing the hits “What You Give”, “Love Song”, “Signs” and “Modern Day Cowboy”, along with much much more, it wasn’t tough to sing right along and join in the fun.  Psychotic Paradise rocked the house.

The crowd was ready for more and Thunderstruck was up next.  An introductory video was played with loud thundering bass to help build up anticipation as the audience hooted and hollered then that frantic riff started playing off the lead guitar and the backing vocals chimed in with “Ahhh ahhhh ahhhh ahhh ahh”.  Thunderstruck kicked their set off like a rocket playing the song they named their band after, “Thunderstruck”.

Thunderstruck embodies the essence of AC/DC and Corey Baetz struts around just like Angus Young with that famous leg kick move and lips moving while riffing away on the guitar. Dave Moody on vocals embraces the vocal stylings of Brian Johnson, fuck Axl Rose, he said. With Jerry Lawson on drums, Chris Jones on bass guitar and Kevin Fuller on rhythm guitar, these guys are in full effect dishing out the AC/DC rock and roll that so many of us have grown up with.

The crowd, myself included were singing along all night.  Playing “Highway To Hell”, “Hells Bells”, “It’s a Long Way to the Top”, “Rock and Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution” and so many other classic AC/DC songs.  I was so happy they played “Let There Be Rock”, my favorite right along with “Thunderstruck”.  Looking around the place you could see lots of smiling faces and people having a great time. 

Thunderstruck puts on a hell of a show, with Moody’s sense of humor keeping things upbeat, especially when he did a second take at his Elvis karate moves while he was being introduced.  Or Baetz doing somewhat of a strip tease as he shed his clothes while shredding the guitar and mooning the crowd during the process.  Thunderstruck and Psychotic Paradise gave great spirited performances to make this a fantastic night of rock and roll.  I want to see them perform again to catch all the other songs they didn’t have time to perform.  Long live rock!


Psychotic Paradise

All images © Mike Shaler.

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