A Night at The Wiltern with Arch Enemy and Trivium

Los Angeles, California on Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Frontwoman Alissa White-Gluz of Arch Enemy at The Wiltern. Photo by Gary Foster

A show in the middle of the week is no big deal for Los Angeles, Arch Enemy, Trivium, along with While She Sleeps and Fit For An Autopsy performed at The Wiltern on a Wednesday night in a sold-out show. 

The Wiltern Theater is flanked by large vertical neon signs while patrons approach the ticket booth set back among colorful terrazzo paving. The Wiltern Theatre‘s interior was designed by G. Albert Lansburgh and is renowned for its Art Deco design containing decorative plaster and tile work along with colorful murals painted by Anthony Heinsbergen. The most dramatic element of the design is the sunburst on the ceiling of the auditorium, with each ray its own Art Deco skyscraper—G. Albert Lansburgh’s vision of the future of Wilshire Boulevard. When the Wiltern Theatre first opened it also housed the largest theater pipe organ in the western United States. Who knew that someday this beautiful theater would invite some of the best metal bands to its stage. You might think that seating down and enjoy a rock/metal show is not possible but it truly is a very comfortable way to enjoy the show. There is a pit area in the front where younger concert-goers can enjoy pitting and headbanging as they please. Behind that there is a standing only area, all the seats are on the second floor.

Arch Enemy was an opening act, from the moment they set foot on stage fans were going nuts, everyone was hyped and excited to be there. The bands’ energy reflected on to the fans, there was never a dull moment. Alissa White-Gluz effortless vocals and roars were beautifully executed. There was something special about seeing Arch Enemy in such a beautiful theater was just mesmerizing. Reason for that would be that I would compare Alissa to the inside of the theater if that makes sense, both beautiful on the inside, very classy and well composed, dark and mysterious. Her vocals and the bands’ performance would be the outside, this monstrous powerhouse with a solid foundation that stands out you have to see it for yourself to know what I’m talking about. Arch Enemy performed some of their new material and everyone seemed to know every word. Such a great opening act for Trivium.

Trivium came out on stage full of energy and good vibes, they projected their energy with each other and their fans. Trivium has been around since 1999 they are considered a heavy metal band, formed in Orlando, Florida. Trivium has a solid fan base and everyone was excited to see them. Lead singer Matt Heafy thanked the crowd for showing up on a Wednesday to a sold-out show, he also mentioned that many many years ago when Trivium first started they had the opportunity to perform at The Wiltern, they were either the first or second band of the night and that they dreamed that one day they would be the main act and they never taught it would be a sold-out show. But hey dreams do come true and these persistent musicians made it happen, I’m sure they’ve had many accomplishments in their career but just hearing it from them to the fans made that much more significant. They also performed some song from their new album that was just released in October “The Sin and the Sentence”. it was an amazing show from beginning to end, very exciting and energetic. So if you have a chance to catch Trivium I would definitely recommend it.


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Arch Enemy

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– Photos and review by Gloria Skull, Go Venue Magazine Photojournalist (except Arch Enemy photos by Gary Foster)