SO WHAT?! Festival in Arlington, TX Looks to Change the Method – Not the Madness

They say everything is bigger in Texas.

Which is probably why the SO WHAT?! Music Festival exists.

And it’s coming your way this Memorial Day Weekend from May 27th – 29th at Choctaw Stadium in Arlington, Texas, brought to you by the fine folks at Third String Entertainment.

2022 Bands Lineup

Here lies one of the most over the top lineups we could imagine playing over a 3-day span in the heart of the Lone Star State – and it’s nothing short of incredible.

What makes this one particularly interesting is that they aren’t sticking to one genre like most festivals do. You know what I mean – Warped Tour focused more on the pop-punk side of things. Blue Ridge Rock Fest focuses on rock n’ roll, etc. THIS festival though seems to hold something for everyone, rock, hip hop, pop-punk…you name it, this festival seems to have it!

Notable headliners include acts such as Parkway Drive, I Prevail, 2 Chains, Sum 41, and a plethora of other acts that we’ll be dying to see live! It’s basically taking the old pattern of sticking to one genre, throwing that into a blender, and then saying, “fuck it,” right before you chug the contents.

Or perhaps…”SO WHAT?!

This year’s So What?! line up features every genre!”, shares festival founder Mike Ziemer“Everything is blending together more and more. There are so many hip-hop artists collaborating with rock artists. Travis Barker is working with like every type of artist. This year’s Spotify Wrapped further proves that genres are becoming less and less important to the listener. This festival brings together all the hype and energy of what’s current and what’s exciting to the fan that misses Warped Tour but also attends Rolling Loud. 

Ticket prices are starting right around $249, and I’d be snatching these up in a heartbeat for a 3 day, ear-pounding, please-be-wearing-deodorant-at-this-event BANGER of a weekend getaway.

If we had the pleasure to interview Antoine Dodson, he would most likely tell us to, “Bring your kids, bring your wife…bring everybody up in here!”

I mean…it’s Texas…they’ve got the room, right?

For more information including the full lineup, ticket prices, payment plan options (super convenient, am I right?) and more, visit and follow So What?! on Twitter and Instagram and Facebook.

Catch ya there!