SHIM Breaks his Silence About His Breakup with Sick Puppies

Shim Moore was the lead singer for Sick Puppies from 1997-2014. In 2014 he was removed from the band he started and no one really knew why… until now.

After all these years, Shim is finally telling his side of what happened between him and Sick Puppies.

To hear the full story on the Sick Puppies break up –

Shim said, “The way that the Sick Puppies break up went down left me pretty messed up in the head. So I just did my best NOT to speak about it from a place of negativity and risk hurting the legacy of the band for all our fans. If I’m being honest, it just took me a while to truly get there.”

“Even though I’ve recorded and released music since Sick Puppies, it wasn’t till 2020 that I really felt like I was comfortable in my new skin and the past was fully the past. I think that’s partly due to time – but also because of how I’ve been able to connect and collaborate on songs with fans during ‘The Hollywood Rebellion’ live streams on Twitch. I’m not sure if they realized it but the Rebellion has helped me a lot, and together we’ve created some awesome songs during this pandemic. AND we get a time capsule of music to remember that there’s still beauty in painful times. It’s not just my music now… It’s OUR MUSIC and it’s FREE for everyone who wants to come and hang out.”

Shim currently streams 4 days a week on and does private, exclusive VIP concerts on ZOOM every weekend where you can chat, ask questions and request your favorite song.