Shadow Ridge Music Festival Grows Stronger and Stronger

Omaha's band 311 performing at the Shadow Ridge Music Festival in Omaha, Nebraska on Friday, September 9, 2022. (Photo credit: Dean Birkheimer)


“Rock & roll might not solve your problems, but it does let you dance all over them.” – Pete Townsend

Before we begin…..A portion of every ticket purchased benefited the Lane Thomas Foundation,
the charitable partner of the 2022 Shadow Ridge Music Festival. The Lane Thomas Foundation is dedicated to supporting families of children needing life-saving organ transplants. To learn more, visit www.LaneThomas.Org.

On September 9th 2022, Shadow Ridge Country Club and One Percent Productions hosted what I believed to be the best Shadow Ridge Music Festival so far. The 4th edition of this event welcomed home the band 311 along with American rock band Eve6, post-grunge sensation Lit and the soulful sounds of Tropidelic.

The band Tropidelic calls Cleveland Ohio home and consists of Matthew Roads; James Begin; Bobby Chronic; David Pags; Derek McBryde; and Rex Larkman. These guys have taken a variety of sounds and meshed them into something uniquely their own. Their style is inventive and the combinations of Reggae, Rock, SKA, Hip-Hop, Soul and Funk make it impossible to connect them to a certain genre or compare them to any other band. Check out their latest album All the Colors Released By: Ineffable Music Group. Special Guests: Nick Hexum (311), Brother Ali, Krayzie Bone, Prof, Surfer Girl, Geoff Weers (The Expendables), Little Stranger.

Since we are on the subject of new albums, LIT recently released Taste Like Gold. Band mates, Ajay Popoff, Jeremy Popoff, Kevin Blades and Taylor Carroll want us to know that they got back to the old school Lit sound with a modern-day approach to the production. According to Jeremy “It took a minute to get our heads in the right place, especially with all of the craziness going on in the world. We started writing and making demos with Carlo Colasacco and YOUTHYEAR and we knew we had tapped into the vibe we were looking for. Tastes Like Gold is the album we wanted to make.” By the time Lit hit the stage the size of the crowd had tripled. This is a band you don’t want to miss. They are everything you want in a band. High energy, tight musicianship and full of passion. The entire venue was completely focused on what was happening on stage and we couldn’t get enough of it. Lit is a real rock band and it’s clear from this performance that they never intend on stopping.

Next up was EVE 6. Max Collins, Jon Siebels and Ben Hilzinger make up this Southern California band. Eve 6 consistently accomplishes what bands set out to do. Be entertaining. The crowd immediately started singing along as soon as the first song started. In between songs lead singer Max Collins would tell stories and connect with the audience. This band is full of intensity and delivers on all levels. Look for a new album sometime this year.

Hometown boys 311 was the reason Shadow Ridge was packed to the gills. The energy they exhumed fills the entire venue. It’s a non-stop pop punk party. It was so cool seeing the crowd become one in their movements as well as in their singing. The band tore through their set, never slowing down. When you’re at a 311 show expect the music to be fast and furious. As you’d expect the general admission crowd were slamming and moshing, but even more impressive was way in the back, there were also some bits of slamming. Bottom line, 311 is a show that should not be missed. I’m so glad I didn’t miss this one.





All images © Dean Birkheimer

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