Sevendust & Tremonti – A Family Reunion Turns Into Rock Show

Sevendust's frontman Lajon Witherspoon at The Machine Shop in Flint, Michigan on Wednesday, September 15, 2021. (Photo credit: Mike Shaler)

BY MIKE SHALER | Go Venue Magazine

Looking at the bill for September 15th 2021’s show at The Machine Shop in Flint, Michigan gave the feeling of Deja vu as the bands Sevendust and Tremonti took a three-day residency.  These two groups toured together in 2019 and brought the good times back once again for another round.

Tremonti kicked off the first night of the three-day stint like a pack of thundering animals as the music flung fast and furious.  Led by lead singer and lead guitar aficionado Mark Tremonti, with Tanner Keegan on bass guitar, Eric Friedman on rhythm guitar and Ryan Bennett on drums.  Tremonti was humming like a well oil machine as they are playing in support of their upcoming album, “Marching In Time”.  It’s always nice to see Michigan native Mark Tremonti continuing to rock on stage and hear him shred the guitar, he’s sooooo good at making that guitar wail, it’s a delightful treat for the ears.

As I was driving over to the venue, I thought to myself, this is kind of a family reunion with how members of Sevendust make time before and after shows to chat with fans.  Over the years, that fan-ship has turned into friendship and that connection is felt during the shows as the band points and smile to people in the crowd.

Sevendust has always been heralded as a fantastic live band and tonight was no exception, they were on point!  Busting into the heavy hard-hitting grooves with “Dying To Live”, “Home”, “Black” and just as seamlessly shifting to mellow heart tugging songs like “Angle’s Son”.  Sevendust has built a library of music that touches your core in many ways, which leaves you feeling quite satiated.

Lajon Witherspoon on vocals is in top form as is Morgan Rose on drums who has an entertaining style of playing, with John Connolly on rhythm guitar, Vince Hornsby on bass and Clint Lowery on lead guitar bringing together that unmistakable Sevendust sound.

With three sold out shows, the fans are in for a great treat to experience some awesome live soul touching music.



All images © Mike Shaler
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