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BY DAVID TAYLOR | Go Venue Magazine

First off, I would like to say seeing Creed’s music videos in the early 2000s on VH1 that my dad put on was one of my earliest music memories. I’m 20 years old, and your music still resonates, so thank you.

You are going out on tour on the Make America Rock Again tour. Why should we make America rock again? What can we expect from you on this tour?

Right now, Pop music dominates mainstream music. I think the “Make America Rock Again” tour represents the idea to move rock and roll back into the mainstream music scene. As far as what you can expect from me on this tour, you can expect a high energy, passionate, full scale production, rock and roll show w/songs that Creed fans want to hear. I may add 1 or 2 songs from my last solo record, Proof of Life.

Can we expect a new solo album in the near future?

I will be starting the writing and recording processes for my 3rd solo album in October of this year.

Last year, you joined A Day to Remember onstage at the Alternative Press Music Awards. How did that came to happen?

I had a blast jamming with A Day To Remember at the Alternative Press Music Awards last year. They had reached out, and I was glad to accept the invitation, as I’m a big fan of the band.

What are some new music you have been listening to?

21 Pilots and Chris Stapleton

Have you met/seen someone that you’ve been starstrucked?

I met Bono and the Edge from U2 at the Grammy’s and was definitely starstruck

Who is in your solo band, and why did you pick them?

I picked the guys in my solo band because of their individual talents, personalities, and their willingness to tour and work with me in a 100% sober environment. Yiannis Papadopoulos on lead guitar, Ben Flanders on rhythm guitar, Sammy Hudson on bass and Dango on drums.

What is your favorite Creed song, either to perform or in general?

Favorite Creed song…tough one, but I’ll say Faceless Man off the Human Clay album.

Thank you for your time to let me interview you, and I look forward to your show at Ralston Arena on August 9!

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