Rock Fest 2023 – The Festival You Need in Your Life

Ok, so…for the most part, nothing really happens in the Upper NortheastWisconsin is known for a few things, sure like beer, sports ball, and finding ways to combine both beer and sports ball.

But there’s this gathering of human beings that happens every July on 360 scenic acres of land in a little place called Cadott, Wisconsin that is sure to be some of the most memorable days of the summer.

July 13th – 15th to be exact.

Rock Fest combines over 75 bands and artists over 5 stages in three days.

Sounds like a lot…right?

Well…festivals are a lot, and with more and more talent climbing through the ranks of top-billed artists, festivals like these are both a way to experience our favorite acts in the business while also taking the time to find out some hidden gems along the way.

But what sets Rock Fest apart from the others is their “Fan First” approach to things. Unlike some huge festival spots that have the same set-up year after year without making any improvements (or taking hints from the people that pay really good money to attend – we’ll get to ticket prices later on), the curators of Rock Fest have taken a different approach and…like…actually listen to input.

What a concept.

For 2023, they’ve included upgrades such as more speakers, a much improved shower station that is designed to help cut wait times, granite pathways on over 25+ miles of road which helps to cut down on dust, and the best part? Charities will staff the 4 main bars around the campsite, with a portion of the beer sales going towards charity. How fucking cool is that?

Oh, yeah…as for the bands…I’m not sure if you’ve heard of these guys before, but here’s a little preview of what to expect:

In This MomentGodsmackIce CubeIce Nine KillsSlipknotThe Almas (local favorites…sue me lol), Papa RoachDayseekerFame on Fire…and a fuck load of other massively huge talent. Probably more massive than the talent Nicolas Cage has…but for a full line up, check their website at

If you’d want to attend this 3 day foray into an experience you’ll likely never forget, tickets start at $149.99 for a 3 day GA pass, which is a total steal considering how much work goes into not only hosting something like this, but also paying the bands. Most of the campsites have sold out already, but there are a number of hotels nearby that offer a shuttle service to and from the event.

So come on…what are you waiting for? This is gonna be the show of the summer! As always, remember to be friendly to your security staff, TIP YOUR BARTENDERS, and be excellent to one another. We’re all there to enjoy live music, so let’s make it an enjoyable experience for not just ourselves, but for those around us as well!

And fingers crossed…we’ll see ya there!

To learn more about Rock Fest, visit:
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