RECAP & PHOTOS: Static X Brings Rise of the Machine Tour to Nebraska

Static X at the Bourbon Theatre in Lincoln, Nebraska on Sunday, April 9, 2023. (Photo by Pam Whisenhunt)

BY PAM WHISENHUNT | Go Venue Magazine

Static X rolled through Lincoln, Nebraska on their Rise of the Machine Tour selling out the Bourbon Theatre, April 9th2023. The Rise of the Machine tour started in California February 25th, crossed the country and Canada and is wrapping up April 17th, in Sacramento. The Lincoln show ended a 13-day run, giving the band a day off before they hit Denver.

Cultus Black, the junior band on the bill, started the night strong. They took the stage earlier than expected, so I’m sure a lot of people missed them. I’m glad I didn’t. They played an intense set of original music, ending with a heavy cover of Nirvana’s “Negative Creep”; a solid way to get the crowd started and kick off the night.  

After a quick stage turn over, Twiztid took the stage with their old school rap-metal set. They clearly had fans in the crowd, I could tell by their well-timed “Whoop, Whoop’s” and other unprompted chants throughout the set.

Dope was next, giving us a little history lesson. Edsel Dope (lead vocals) talked about how in the late 1990s, Fear Factory was the veteran band who took Static X and Dope on tour with them, and they’ve been associated ever since. Dope also expressed gratitude and connected with the audience by letting us he “knows the deal” and what it took for everyone to make it to the show. The difference between 1999 and today is the fact most people had this concert planned for six months and probably had to coordinate a babysitter.  

Next up was arguably the heaviest band on the tour, Fear FactoryDino Cazares (guitarist) the only original member has put together a new lineup and the crowd seemed to receive them well. Milo “The Italian Stallion” Silvestro hails from Italy and is the new lead vocals, Tony Campos was doing double duty providing bass for both Fear Factory and Static X and Pete Webber, former drummer of Havok is now behind the drum kit.

Finally, the headliner Static X took the stage. The stage was lit up with floor to ceiling video panels, and Xero’s new look was glorious. I can’t imagine having to wear it for a full set, but he pulled it off. The set list was pretty standard, with a mix of old and new songs.    

Static X has sold out all 42 shows on the Rise of the Machine tour, including the Clyde Theatre in Ft Wayne, Indiana, with a 2,000-person capacity. Impressive numbers for any band. 42 shows over two months is a grueling pace that would challenge even the youngest of bands. To all the bands’ credit they showed no ware, they exuded energy and sounded as fresh as they would have at the beginning of the tour.

Static X

Fear Factory



Cultus Black

All images © Pam Whisenhunt

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