Mammoth WVH & Plush Deliver An Incredible Rock Show at Bourbon

Mammoth WVH performs at the Bourbon Theatre in Lincoln, Nebraska on Saturday, October 16, 2021. (Photo credit: Robert A. Chadwick)


The Bourbon Theatre in Lincoln, Nebraska was the place to be on Saturday, October 16, as Mammoth WVH and Plush made a stop in town to play a big rock show. The crowd was packed for these new bands, as the Lincoln audience are very supportive in their rock n’ roll!

Plush from New York was the direct support for the night. I knew very little of this band, other them being an all-female rock band and listening to their lead single, “Athena” off their upcoming self-titled album. And, wow, I was completely blown away by their performance. It was something fresh, yet so classic. They brought such a youthful energy to the night. Every member performed their instrument amazingly. They even threw down a ripping cover of Heart’s “Barracuda”. So cool to hear that they’re going on tour with Evanescence and Halestorm next month. I hope they come back to Nebraska soon. I will be watching their musical career with great interest.

When I heard Wolfgang Van Halen was coming out with new music, I was excited. I actually got to see him live when he was touring with his father in 2008 in Omaha. It was so cool seeing a kid playing with such legendary musicians. A talented musician in his own right, seeing him live, again, was quite incredible. Coming off his father’s passing last year, putting out an album and touring was one of the bravest moves a musician can do. But, everyone was fulling supporting him while doing so. And this Lincoln crowd came out to support! Obviously, there are those comparisons to his dad’s guitar playing, but Wolfgang Van Halen is a well-accomplished musician in his own right, bringing his own style of playing. His band was tight, rhythmically. And those songs played well live. I’m so glad Wolfie is out there playing live music. I have a good feeling his dad would be proud.

Mammoth WVH


All images © Robert A. Chadwick
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