Lostboycrow Finds Warm Welcome at 7th St Entry

Lostboycrow at 7th St. Entry in Minneapolis, MN on Wednesday, March 22, 2023. (Photo credit: Jess Beck)

BY JESS BECK | Go Venue Magazine

Well…you know what they say.

New year, new venues!

At least that’s what they should say, but even if they don’t, this marks my first official show in Minneapolis, MN and it was an absolutely unforgettable experience. First of all, the venue itself is legendary. Some have even referred to it as the Whisky A-Go-Go of the North as evidenced by the long and rich history of musicianship which just so happens to be displayed in painted stars all across the outside of the building.

Time will tell if Lostboycrow will carve their name into the record books at 7th St. Entry, but for the smaller side of the venue, they sure put everything they had into that packed and crowded palace of chimerical performances. Whilst parking will probably forever be the bane as the 7th St. Entry constantly fights for space against the Target Center (which is inconveniently located right across the street), the fans still poured into the cozy space on Wednesday, March 22nd for a triage of performances that undoubtedly warmed up their frozen bodies from the frosty Minnesota evening.

Also – a thing of note.

This was a weird fucking show.

But in a really awesome way.

So here’s how it broke down. The guitar player and drummer for the first band (it was literally just those dudes, so hats off to being an awesome duo like North by North is…also maybe tour together sometime, idk, just an idea…) were the bass player and drummer for the last band, and the guitar player for the second band was the guitar player for the last band.

And the drummer drummed.

Not just because that’s what drummers do, of course, but he must have felt like Travis Barker at literally any music festival coming up this year, since this drummer drummed for the whole show. Props to being one of the few guys who can actually bang on something for over an hour instead of just bragging about it!

Anyway, the first act is called “Kid Cadaver,” and they’re a clever little outfit that has some often witty tracks. Their song, “Teach You The Tongue,” was a big hit with the audience who swayed back and forth just soaking up the moment in their assortment of corduroy jackets and high-waisted, straight and baggy leg light wash jeans. Kid Cadaver is a talented performer, though, and I think his talents are going to be used quite well on this tour. If you haven’t checked them out yet, I’d encourage you to do so!

Next up was a burgeoning brunette named Brooke Alexx (yes, it’s with two “x’s” in it – word is still out on how you can be her next “X”), and I was extremely impressed with not only her voice (it’s killer by the way) but with how this is her first ever tour, and she’s out there running around on stage like she’s a seasoned veteran. The energy she brings to her performance is undeniable, and you can tell she genuinely loves what she does, as her bright and palpable smile is abundantly displayed from stage. She does great with interacting with fans and controlling the room. From the number of humans in the audience who started to sing back, you could tell that she was an equal fan favorite of the evening (and I don’t blame anyone – I’m listening to her shit right now as I’m writing this). I think the highlight of the night from her performance was when she made a point to say how strange she thought it was that people don’t like saying how old they are, but now that she’s in her late 20s, she realizes that growing old is a privilege, so we should celebrate it! She then followed up with her song “Look My Age,” which is, you guessed it, about looking her age because she earned it. Other notable tracks included, “All My Exes Moms,” “Grace,” and “Dumb In Love,” which is a really cleverly written ode about modern relationships.

Up next was Lostboycrow, a unique collective of the aforementioned acts, but also a deeply complex individual who is on tour supporting the album “Indie Pop” which is a very fitting name for the record.

I love this approach, and you’re gonna think I’m being snarky, which I might be, but it would be the equivalent of Garth Brooks coming out with an album called “Country Songs.” But think about it – you know right away what you’re getting into, even if you’ve ever picked up an LBC track before. Imagine if more bands and acts did this! Brian Fallon could release an album called “Soul Songs.” Black Stone Cherry could call their next album, “Southern Rock,” and Tool could have an album called “Complicated Noise.” You’d know right away what you were getting into!

Indie Pop, however, is the perfect album to put that top down and drive around in the summer sun with a Polaroid camera taking overly-grained images of the sun as it sets just beyond whatever beach you happen to find yourself on. Chris Blair (LBC) however refuses to be held by one genre. Before the release of Indie PopBlair seems to have dabbled in a few electric elements, flavors of R&B dusted lightly with a folk-rock bent. And say what you will about a myriad of styles, growth is its own animal, and it will often carry you in directions that you’re not ready for but that you must embrace.

Good on Blair for not being afraid to not only grow as an artist, but to continue to evolve and be honest enough to take his style in a new direction if he so chooses.

You could also tell that this room was there for him. The fans were, at points, singing back so loudly that it was actually difficult to hear the artist themselves, which is always a hallmark for a great show.

You all sound great,” he said in humble words as he was simultaneously beaming with pride.

Lostboycrow will continue to tour for 6 more stops, including Denver and eventually working his way towards Los Angeles. If you’re between those cities, you’ve still got a chance to catch an incredible talent that isn’t afraid to be themselves. The honesty in which they write is quite possibly my favorite thing about them.

Authenticity – that’s the word I’m looking for.

Other notable tracks that they performed included, “Indie Rock,” “Strawberry Sunscreen,” and “Devil’s In The Backseat.

As always friends, remember to tip your bartenders, remember that the bartender doesn’t love you, and be excellent to each other. Also…massive thanks to the crowd for keeping up on the deodorant – there wasn’t a single stinky human in the whole venue – a first for me as a concert photojournalist. A major thank you to the 7th St. Entry staff for making sure everyone was safe and had an enjoyable experience. Hopefully this won’t be the last time we run into each other!


Brooke Alexx

Kid Cadaver

All images © Jess Beck

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