LIVE REVIEW: METALACHI Live at Discovery Ventura – 7/12/2019

Metalachi performs at Discovery Ventura in Ventura, California on Friday, July 12, 2019. Photo by Stephanie Lemus.

BY STEPHANIE LEMUS | Go Venue Magazine

On Friday, July 12th, Metalachi took the stage in front of a crowded audience at the Discovery Ventura, in Ventura, California. The crowd was anxiously waiting for them to go on but once the lights dimmed and smoke filled the stage, everyone knew they were about to experience an amazing night of metal and mariachi.

Metalachi is the world’s first band who seamlessly blends the music of mariachi and metal.  The band consists of singer: Vega de la Rockha, trumpet player: El Cucuy, guitarist: Paco Halen, guitarrón player: Kiko Cane, and violinist: Queen Kyla Vera. Their covers range from Black Sabbath to Guns n Roses and everything in between. Aside from covering legendary rock and roll bands, they do a great job engaging with their audience.  You’re not only hearing music when you see Metalachi, but you’re getting a complete show.

In between performing “Holy Diver” with a cumbia twist, “Run to the Hills,” and “Welcome to the Jungle,” they brought up a woman on stage who was having a birthday and serenaded her with a beautiful rendition of “More Than Words” by Extreme.

Vega and El Cucuy talk to each other and to the crowd throughout the show. Whether they’re talking about “chichi’s” or making jokes at the other’s expense, the crowd always eats it up. 

Whether it was because of the awesome night of music or El Cucuy’s crotch thrusting, the audience wanted more once the show was over.  The band regularly meets with fans after the show for autographs and pictures and everyone leaves smiling.

Metalachi is always a good time and everyone should see them when they come into town. They’re from Los Angeles but perform all over the United States. Some of their bigger shows coming up are playing at Heavy Montreal at the end of July and performing on the first ever Megacruise in October.

If you’re not able to make it to a show, all three of their albums, appropriately titled: “Uno,” “Dos,” and “Tres,” are available on all musical platforms.

Check out Metalachi for a good time!

All images © Stephanie Lemus
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