LIVE REVIEW: Legend Rock KANSAS Live at Omaha’s Historic Venue

The legend rocker KANSAS performing at the Orpheum Theater in Omaha, Nebraska on Saturday, October 5, 2019. Photo by Robert A. Chadwick


The Orpheum Theater in Omaha, Nebraska is one of the most prestigious buildings in the Midwest, housing various touring musicals and artists alike. So, when I heard Kansas was coming to the Orpheum, it made sense. With a 45 year career, Kansas remains a staple of classic rock.

Kansas opened up the show in a way most bands do not. They came out with their acoustic guitars in a stripped down, unplugged opening performance. They were basically opening up for their electric selves. Though only having two original members, both of whom sounded great for pushing 70, drummer Phil Ehart and guitarist Rich Williams, the whole band were amazing musicians in their own right. I was quite impressed by keyboardist Tom Brislin. The way he played the keyboard was quite meticulous, very virtuosic. Their four part vocal harmonies was such ear candy in the theatre. This tour they were on celebrated 40 years of their album Point of Know Return, playing the album in full, including hit songs such as the title track and “Dust in the Wind”. Everyone remained seated for each song, but after every song they finished, a roaring crowd erupted stood up. They ended their set with obviously their signature song, “Carry On Wayward Son”, with the whole crowd standing up and singing along to the iconic song. As being a kid from the Midwest, seeing Kansas live in the Midwest is such an accomplishment, if I say so myself.

All images © Robert Chadwick Photography
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