LIVE REVIEW: I Don’t Know How But They Found Me Invaded Lincoln, June 21, 2019

I Don’t Know How But They Found Me (often shortened to IDKHow) live performing at The Bourbon in Lincoln, Nebraska on Friday, June 21, 2019. Photo by Joe DeSanti

BY JOE DeSANTI | Go Venue Magazine

Making their first appearance in Lincoln, Nebraska, I Don’t Know How But They Found Me with opening band Twin XL, invaded The Bourbon Theater on Friday Night June 21st. The theater wasn’t completely sold out, but the bands drew an impressive number of fans.

The show kicked off with Twin XL, a trio from Los Angeles, California. The band consists of Cameron Walker-Wright (vocals), and brothers Stephen Gomez (bass) and John Gomez (guitar). Their first album together was released in March of 2019, but prior to forming Twin XL, the trio had written and produced for artists such as Lindsey Stirling, All Time Low, and Life of Dillon.

The younger crowd loved Twin XL’s Synth-Pop/Indie sound, and really came to life when the trio played “Sunglasses”, from their album, “How to Talk to Strangers”. Their set was fairly short, but they were energetic and fun, and got the crowd on their feet and excited.

After a brief intermission, I Don’t Know How But They Found Me took the stage, and the crowd came unglued. The duo, based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, consists of Dallon Weekes (lead vocals and bass guitar) and Ryan Seaman (drummer).

Dallon, decked out in a shimmery grey suit, had a pretty serious demeanor, until around the second or third song, when he welcomed the crowd to the show. The band played a few songs from their 1981 Extended Play album, which was released in 2018, but rounded out their set with cover songs, and an unexpected medley which consisted of “Straight Up” (Paula Abdul), “I Want It That Way” (The Backstreet Boys), and “I Want You To Want Me” (Cheap Trick). With its catchy melody and contagious beat, “Choke” was also a crowd favorite.

The duo, which had been described as “the hottest unsigned band in the world”, before they signed with Fearless Records, has a style that can best be described as a mix between Indie Pop, Alternative Rock, and New Wave.

The band had great energy and stage presence, and put on a great show. These guys definitely have some die-hard fans, and it’s easy to see why. Maybe it’s their catchy songs, their unique blend of music genres, or perhaps their boyish good looks, but either way, I Don’t Know How But They Found Me is well on their way to achieving even more success.


Twin XL

All images © Joe DeSanti
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