Danzig’s Dirty Black Summer Hits Wisconsin

DANZIG'S Glenn Danzig at the 2021 Rock Fest in Codatt, Wisconsin on Saturday, July 17, 2021 (Photo credit: Maurice Nunez)

MAURICE NUNEZ | Go Venue Magazine

It was a warm one in Cadott, Wisconsin this evening – Saturday, July, 17, 2021, as DANZIG was scheduled to play the main stage at Rock Fest 2021. The festival is one of the largest rock fests in the US and one of the first festival shows since the shut-down. This would be the first Danzig show since November 2018, so fans were anxious and ready to get their fix. Prior to the show I had a chance to meet some fans, some of which had driven over 14 hours to get there while others flew in from other parts of the country. What a rabid and dedicated fan base!

Just as the sun began to set, the darkness fell upon the crowd, and it was time for DANZIG to hit the stage. The first to emerge was Johnny Kelly on drums. Then Tommy Victor on guitar from one side of the stage and Steve Zing on bass from the other. Then of course Glenn Danzig takes the stage, wraps the mic cord behind his neck and greets the crowd with both arms up and his hands giving the traditional devil horns salute.

Tommy Victor got things started things off with the powerful guitar intro to “Skin Carver” from the album Circle of Snakes. An intense way to start the set as the fans were helping Glenn chant the chorus. It’s always a nice evening when you have thousands of people yelling “Skin – Carver! Skin – Carver!”

From there the band went right into “Eyes Ripping Fire” which is from the 2017 release of Black Laden Crown and was also featured in the VEROTIKA movie Glenn Danzig directed in 2019 which was a horror/anthology based off stories from his Verotik comic book series. The band played a great mix of songs from the entire DANZIG catalog, including classics like “Twist of Cain,” “Dirty Black Summer,” and “Her Black Wings.” They also brought out some other fan favorites like “Tired of Being Alive,” “Long Way Back From Hell,” and “Do You Wear The Mark?”

It had been far too long, but DANZIG was back and in full force. An intense set that had the fans headbanging and singing along the entire night. Glenn, Tommy, Steve and Johnny have been playing together for well over a decade, and it shows! The evening concluded with the encore “She Rides” from DANZIG I. What a way to close out the night. See full set list below.

If you have the chance to catch it, DANZIG will be playing this year’s Psycho Las Vegas Festival in August, where they will be performing Danzig II: Lucifuge in its entirety.

Skin Carver – Eyes Ripping Fire – Twist of Cain – Her Black Wings – Do You Wear The Mark – Dirty Black Summer – How The Gods Kill – Tired of Being Alive – Not of This World – Bringer of Dearth – Long Way Back From Hell – Mother

She Rides

All images © Maurice Nunez
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