Danzig Released Their Debut Self-Titled Album 30 Years Ago Today!

Released on August 30, 1988!

BY GLORIA SKULLS | Go Venue Magazine

Danzig’s first self-titled album has been one of Glenn Danzig’s successors. It has remained the band’s best-selling album having been certified Gold in the U.S. in 1994 and since then it has been certified Platinum. Thirty years later, Danzig’s first album has remained relevant with some of the most iconic songs in metal like “Mother”, “Twist of Caine” and “Not of this World” to name a few. Danzig self-titled would be on of the most crystal clear sounds that focus on blues-inspired riffs and Glenn’s vocal abilities.

Revisiting a Masterpiece

Listening to Danzig is an unexplainable experience, remember this is Glenn Danzig first album with a whole new line up of musicians and a whole new sound, Eerie Von (bass), John Christ (guitar), Chuck Biscuits (drums). In Danzig, we experience the power and versatility of Glenn Danzig’s vocals. It sets him aside from his past project, Misfits and Samhain where we experienced more aggressive and fast paced vocals. Glenn Danzig ability to express himself with a more subtle sound gives you the opportunity to really pay attention to his wide range of vocal abilities. From the growly gritty heavy vocals to some more soothing mesmerizing vocals like on “Soul On Fire” and “End of Time”.

1988 original lineup – L to R: John Christ (guitar); Chuck Biscuits (drums); Glenn Danzig (vocals); and Eerie Von (bass). Photo credit: Mark Weiss [provided by Maurice Nunez]
If we dissect Danzig’s first album we can say that it is like listening to the dark side of Christianity, with titles like “Twist of Cain” and “Not of this World”, “Soul on Fire”, “She Rides” you get the idea that the songs have references to biblical stories.

“Twist of Caine” of course its an inspired reference to the antagonist side of the Caine and Abel Biblical story.

John Christ once described “She Rides” as generally a song referring to the mythology on Lilith. References to “she rides from the daylight in chains” reflect on traditional methods for binding demons. From the moment the music start on “She Rides” you can feel the music through your body like some kind of possession that you have no control over, till this day when this song is performed live at Danzig shows, every single lady becomes Lilith.

“Not of This World” The phrase “not of this world” comes from The Gospel of John. I won’t go into details on the gospel but in Danzig‘s song one of the lyrics that stand out is “And you think that you know, The reason I’m alive, Truth is you only know the lies, And I feel all the things you could never understand, Choose where you stand Am I mortal, Are you Man” I get the feeling that this is the side of a fallen angel questioning its existence because as far as we know this being is also “Not Of This World” giving it equal power of existence over men.

“Mother tell your children not to walk my way” with an aggressive intro like that, “Mother” would turn into one of the most iconic and recognizable songs worldwide. It would also open the path to the monster that became Danzig! “Mother” with its frightful lyrics and heavy rocking sound would captivate a new breed of fans for the man who would rise above the “underground” scene. Danzig will no longer be ignored.

Watch and listen “Mother” below:

There aren’t many artist that get to celebrate their big 30 in the music industry, for Glenn Danzig that is possible. Still touring with sold out shows around the world and in the states this beast feasts on the energy of its fans, old and young. Years of struggle and hard work do payoff never apologizing for taking the necessary steps to make his career what it is today and the fans love and appreciate it.

Maurice Nunez, an owner of The 7th House Official DANZIG Fan Site, had a time to talk with us about DANZIG album.  “When did you purchase his self-titled album?” we asked him. “My first copy of DANZIG I was a promo 12” vinyl copy that I bought at a local record store back in early August of 1988. The record was officially released later that month”, Maurice said, who’ve known Glenn personally well over 25 years. Is he still listening to it? “This album is definitely always in my music rotation.” And he continued saying “It’s a classic album so no matter if you play it now or in twenty years, it will always sound incredible. Timeless.”