CONCERT REVIEW: Watain Returns to Los Angeles

Marquee outside of Fonda Theatre. Photo by Maurice Nunez.

Saturday, March 17, 2018 – A night of pure, dark metal came to the Fonda Theater this evening.

Tonight it was Watain with Destroyer 666 & Degial. I got there early and the line was already down the block and around the corner. Tonight’s event was completely ‘Sold Out’. Not even the scalpers had tickets available. This was the show to be at this evening. Watain was back in support of their 2018 release, ‘Trident Wolf Eclipse’. It was on sale at their merchandise booth which was also completely packed. The line was consistently long all night as fans lined up to buy T-shirts, CDs, posters, and other items that were on sale. In the crowd, it was great to see MMA fighter Josh Barnett and Samhain/Ritual drummer London May on hand.

The night got started with Degial. I had never seen them before, but was told I should check out their set. They definitely didn’t disappoint and were a great opener. They came out with full corpse paint and ripped through a killer set. The metal crowd of maniacs approved. Next it was time for Destroyer 666 who was another band I heard great things about.

A heavy set that crushed the Fonda and had the crowd wanting more. A perfect way to get the place ready for the darkness of Sweden’s Watain.

I was able to see Watain back in 2013 at the Vex and then in 2015 at the Fonda. This time they were back at the Fonda and LA was ready. They opened their set with the brutal “Devil’s Blood” from their ‘Casus Luciferi’ album. What an intense way to start their set. They continued their assault with a good mix of songs from their catalog including ones from their most recent release, ‘Trident Wolf Eclipse’. This band never disappoints. If you have the chance to see this tour, I highly recommend it. One of the best shows I’ve been seen recently. You don’t want to miss them if they come haunt your town. Hail Watain!

Watain Set List:
Devil’s Blood | Black Flames March | Nuclear Alchemy | Malfeitor | Total Funeral | Angelrape | Furor Diabolicus | Outlaw | Sacred Damnation | Towards the Sanctuary | Sworn to the Dark | On Horns Impaled | The Serpent’s Chalice

– Maurice Nunez, Photojournalist for Go Venue Magazine [all photos by Maurice Nunez]

Watain Gallery
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Destroyer 666 Gallery
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Degial Gallery
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