Concert Review: Ministry at The Bourbon in Lincoln

Ministry's lead singer Al Jourgensen at The Bourbon in Lincoln, Nebraska on Thursday, April 5, 2018. Photo by Robert A. Chadwick

On Thursday, April 5, 2018, the Chicago’s industrial/thrash metal band Ministry performed a nearly sold-out show at The Bourbon in Lincoln, Nebraska promoting their latest and fourteenth studio album, AmeriKKKant, which released on March 9th.

Before the show, I had not paid that much attention to Ministry but knew something about guitarist Sin Quirin as we interviewed him a year ago [see interview HERE]. Not only that, we have someone from the Los Angeles area to photograph their show at the Blackest of the Back Fest in Silverado, California in May 2017. By seeing these photos made me wanted to check them out. So that evening I finally got what I wanted to see.

Ministry’s stage set up was interesting as there was Al Jourgensen’s microphone stand decorated with demon skulls and vines snaking around the shaft. On both ends of the stage were giant inflatable chickens with X’d out swastikas on the belly. And a lot of 13” TV sets, all plastic, sitting around the drum’s platform.

As the venue’s lights went off, Ministry’s set started with the tape being played ‘I Know Words’ as the projector screen behind the drums set showed images and footage shared their frustration with current political issues. By the time the band came on the stage, they immediately played their new song ‘Twilight Zone’, next was ‘Victims of a Clown’ with Burton C. Bell (Fear Factory) as their special guest vocalist, he also did ‘We’re Tired of It’ and ‘Wargasm’, all three songs sung by Burton also cut from the latest album.

And it cleared to me the fans, a wide range of age between 20 and 60, enjoyed their show very much. And I did too. They’ll start their 26-day cities tour in Europe in July, so be sure to check them out.

Gothic rocker Chelsea Wolfe, based out of Sacramento and Brooklyn’s industrial punk rock band The God Bombs were among the bands that started out as their opening acts, and they were able to warm up the stage for Ministry.

Ministry Set List – Thursday, April 5, 2018
I Know Words [song played from tape] | Twilight Zone | Victims of a Clown (with Burton C. Bell) | TV5/4Chan [song played from tape] | Punch in the Face | Señor Peligro | LiesLiesLies | Rio Grande Blood | We’re Tired of It (with Burton C. Bell) | Wargasm (with Burton C. Bell) | Antifa | Just One Fix | N.W.O. | Thieves | So What
Bad Blood

All photos by © Robert Chadwick Photography