CONCERT REVIEW: Melissa Etheridge Brings Rock & Soul to the Mountain Winery in Saratoga

Melissa Etheridge performs at the Mountain Winery in Saratoga, California on a hot summer evening of July 21, 2018. Photo by Kris Comer.

Words by Shauna Sullivan and photos by Kris Comer

Melissa Etheridge and Doyle Bramhall II put on an amazing show at the Mountain Winery, overlooking the Silicon Valley, in Saratoga, California on a hot summer evening of July 21, 2018. An act opener Doyle Bramhall II is a musically gifted guitarist that sends of vibes of mastery and artistry while holding an excellent stage presence. If you had never walked into The Mountain Winery before, the guitar riffs wafting into the air would have welcomed you into an idyllic sense. Two musicians standing on a beautiful stage, in the early evening, playing their hearts out.

The crowd was here expecting the headliner but they held their own and gave the crowd a real treat. They played through a time when the crowd chanted for the headliner and by the end of the set they showed class, artistry, and integrity. Doyle Bramhall II will be touring around several northern California spots throughout the rest of the summer so check them out if you want to feel that cool California sound.

Seeing Melissa Etheridge perform at The Mountain Winery’s Concert Series was a real pleasure. This space is almost made for her and her charismatic performance style. She loves this venue and if it is possible I think the venue loves her right back. The concert took place in a deep bowl cut into the mountain. It feels like you are in the height nature’s warm summer luxury as the redwoods tower over you. The staff at this venue has a stellar way of making the guest feel welcomed and looked after. This attention to detail and guest experience is no small accomplishment when they function as a winery, a restaurant space, and a concert venue simultaneously.

From the moment Melissa Etheridge walks on stage you feel her command of the stage and love for the music. The concert started with the song Your Little Secret as she took the stage she greeted the audience then promptly went to rock out on the drums. From this moment on it was apparent that the concert tour name was very aptly called “The Rock Show.”

Melissa Etheridge has this storytelling way of shaping her concerts. Between every song, as she is switching to one of her numerous guitars, she tells a story. It may be a story about the space she was in when writing that song or it may be in general an idea that she wants to share with her audience. The concept that seemed to be ever present at this show was that of love. Love in all of its different varied forms. Love of a partner, love of the earth, love of your fellow neighbor. It was all love at the Melissa Etheridge “Rock Show.”

Etheridge’s stage presence and ability to draw in the crowd, through her lyrical and narrative performance, is unlike any I have ever seen. She owns the sage with a swagger and confidence that rivals all the other rock gods. She is a legend amongst her peers. If you are into a lively show that makes you get up and dance, think a little upon life, and overall leave you wanting just one more song this is the tour for you. I highly recommend checking out one of the remaining dates for Melissa Etheridge’s “The Rock Show” tour. You will not be disappointed.

Melissa Etheridge Setlist – July 21, 2018
Your Little Secret | Let Me Go | I want to come over | All the Way to Heaven | You Used to Love to Dance | Yes I Am |
Talking to My Angel | Chrome plated heart | Come to my window | Bring me some water | I’m the only one
Like the way I do

Melissa Etheridge

Doyle Bramhall II