The Woo Woo Boys were back at it again in NYC Sunday night. With Halloween right around the corner the timing could not have been better as the Legendary Misfits guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein brought his As We Die World Abomination Tour to Gramercy Theatre. With The Doyle himself on guitar, frontman Alex Wolfman Story, bassist Brandon Strate, and drummer Wade Murff wasted no time storming the stage and stomping out the title track off their current LP “Abominator” in front of a packed house of loyal fans from all generations. “This next song is a love song, you can dance to it if you like” the charismatic Wolfman said before pounding into “Beast Like Me”. The band continued to abominate the stage, as they ripped into “Head Hunter” frontman Alex Wolfman Story took to higher ground as he climbed atop the wall of amps for part of the song before jumping back down to the stage floor. Never one to shy away from engaging with the crowd, Doyle continued to stomp his way around from one side of the stage to other through the hard hitting fan favorite “Valley of Shadows”.

With his high level of energy Doyle could not be stopped as he ripped through riff after riff on his signature Annihilator guitar like a monster possessed, along with the charismatic frontman Alex Wolfman Story who kept stuffing his in your face intensity right down the crowds throat throughout the set with the fans loving every bit of it. The same could be said for both bassist Brandon Strate and the hard hitting drummer Wade Murff who recently joined the band in 2017. 

As the band closed out a powerful crushing set with their most well known track “Hope Hell is Warm” they then made their way off stage leaving the fans fiending for more as they chanted “one more song, one more song”, unfortunately the house lights returned back on and the crowd would begin to spill out onto the streets and disappearing into the city night.