CONCERT REVIEW | Body Count and Silvertomb at the Schecter NAMM 2019 Party

Photo credit: Maurice Nunez

BY MAURICE NUNEZ | Go Venue Magazine

The NAMM 2019 convention was packed as always and the place to be at on Saturday night, January 26, 2019 was the Schecter Guitar Research NAMM Party at The Grove of Anaheim. Tickets for this event were not sold to the public, but if you attended the NAMM convention, you could find the Schecter Guitar Research podium and for a donation you were able to get to the party. Tonight there were killer sets from Silvertomb and Body Count. Silvertomb features former members of Type O Negative and Agnostic Front, among others. The band, comprised of guitarist and singer Kenny Hickey (Type O Negative), drummer Johnny Kelly (Type O Negative), bassist Hank Hell (Seventh Void), guitarist Joseph James (ex-Agnostic Front, Inhuman) and keyboardist and guitarist Aaron Joos (Awaken the Shadow, Empyreon). Then of course Body Count is the metal group fronted by none of another than Ice-T.

This was my first time getting to see Silvertomb. What a great set! It’s always nice to see both Johnny Kelly and Kenny Hickey, but there new band really killed it. I was able to arrive early and catch their soundcheck. Since I had never heard them, this prepared me for the set that evening. Hope they release an album soon. If they you have an opportunity to see these guys, I highly recommend them! You can follow their them on Facebook.

And of course then came Body Count. I recently saw Body Count at Ozzfest 2018 on the New Year Eve so I knew what I was in for. Right before their set, I had the chance to meet Ice-T and his crew. What a bunch of nice guys and of course their set was heavy and brutal. They played all their classics including some Slayer and Suicidal. You can view their Raining In Blood / Postmortem 2017 (OFFICIAL VIDEO). This will give you an idea of what the fans at the Grove experienced tonight. Killer set!

See photos from tonight’s event below…

Body Count


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