Co-headliners Lucifer and Coven Brings The Satanic Panic Tour to Omaha

With Los Angeles' special guest Early Moods

Lucifer at The Waiting Room Lounge in the historic Benson neighborhood in Omaha, Nebraska on Sunday, November 19, 2023. (Photo credit: Robert Chadwick Photography/Robert A Chadwick)


Sunday, November 19 was an evening of heavy music in Omaha, Nebraska as the Waiting Room Lounge in the Benson neighborhood welcomed LuciferCoven, and the Early Moods. What was so interesting is that all three bands on the touring bill shared a drum kit, which I found fascinating. The solid crowd was having a good time on a Sunday night.

Early Moods from Los Angeles, CA were the openers on the bill. They had such a throwback feel to them, like it was watching a heavy underground rock band from the 70s cut their teeth onstage. They were having such a fun time on stage. I loved the vintage clothes they were wearing. It felt like going back in time. I really enjoyed the dueling guitar solos from them. There was so much head-banging, it was wild to watch. Check out their new tune, “Blood Offerings”.

Legendary metal band, Coven, was the first of the co-headline. The band shows up in cloaks in some ritual, and they open up this standing-up coffin and lead singer Jinx Dawson walks out wearing a silver mask for the first song. Jinx Dawson is a pioneer. No women played music like this in the late 1960s, predating artists like Heart, the Runaways, and Wendy O. Williams. At the age of 73, she is still singing amazingly onstage. It was like watching Ozzy or Alice Cooper, a legend in her own right. All the members performed well, including an awesome mellotron solo. A very impressive set, overall. I would be interested if they recorded new material.

And finally, the crowd was ready for German/Swedish metal band, Lucifer. Another band with a throwback vibe to the 1970s, with more of a European metal feel. I loved lead singer Johanna Sadonis’s vibe. From her hair to her voice, she totally nailed that mysterious goth girl vibe. They were an incredible group of musicians. But the real highlight of the night came when the lead singer of Pentagram, Bobby Liebling, who drove up from Kansas City with some friends, hopped on stage to perform Pentagram’s “Forever My Queen” with Lucifer and some members of Coven and Early Moods in one final jam. Make sure to keep an eye out for Lucifer V coming in January. Basically, the whole night, I felt like I was transformed into the 1970s. Just organic metal in its purest form.



Early Moods

All images © Robert Chadwick Photography|Robert A Chadwick

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