All Eyes Were Out for a Wicked Good Time

The 69 Eyes at The Machine Shop in Flint, Michigan on Tuesday, January 28, 2020. Photo by Mike Shaler.

BY MIKE SHALER | Go Venue Magazine

Rock and roll to soothe the soul was what the doctor ordered and on January 28th 2020 at The Machine Shop in Flint, Michigan.  A concert lineup of The CrownedSumo CycoWednesday 13 and The 69 Eyes brought the dosage of fun in full force.

First up was a band I’ve never heard of and wow they were impressive.  The Crowned is for fans who like their rock, hard, fast and in your face.  These guys blazed through their set like reapers scorching the earth.  Along with some odd happenings during their set with inflated condoms and a blow-up doll scattered out into the audience.  It was quite comical walking around seeing numerous inflated condoms on the floor.  Lead singer and drummer Marc Coronado began with some gentle crooning but as the rest of the band, Dan Nahaya on guitar, Anthony Carrillo on lead guitar and Johnny Damien on bass guitar joined him on stage, the music grew louder and faster and heavier.  The Crowned got the night started off on a convincing note that made you know this was going to a great evening of live music.

Keeping the energy going was Sumo Cyco.  This band is all about fun and they always bring it every single time.  Lead singer Skye Sweetnam is all over the place, literally she is not just all over the stage, but out in the crowd getting people to crouch down low or getting them to mosh, to hopping up on tables or jumping up onto the bar to get a shot to getting on guitarists Matt Drake’s shoulder as he walks her around the crowd.  Oscar Anesetti plucks away on bass while Matt Trozzi on drums looks like a kid on Christmas morning behind the drum set, he has the widest and happiest smiles on his face, Trozzi truly enjoys drumming.  Sumo Cyco is a band to be recognized and props to them for recently landing a worldwide contract with Napalm Records.

Wednesday 13 is a band not to be missed.  Wednesday is an entertainer through and through as he brings wickedness to the stage with his many costume changes that brings a theatrical presence to the show.  Wednesday’s vocals are just as various as his costumes, always spooky, always cool.  With Roman Surman on guitar, Jack Tankersley on guitar, Troy Doebbler on bass and Kyle Castronovo on drums, these guys are riding hot off their latest album released in September of 2019, titled, ‘Necrophaze’.   A set full of scary goodness is always on deck from Wednesday 13, this band never disappoints.

Every once in a while, The Machine Shop gets some acts that don’t often seem to travel through my neck of the woods.  And when I saw that The 69 Eyes was bringing their Hell Has No Mercy tour near me, I had to check them out.  Fans of gothic rock know all about The 69 Eyes and what they entail.  Having moved a bit away from the gloomy sound for a more guitar-based sound, The 69 Eyes still embody gothic rock that brought out all the goblins to the show. 

Lead singer Jyrki is a cool dude as he sings and commands the stage, he kind of reminds me of Elvis Presley with some of the moves and swagger.  Bazie on lead guitar, Timo-Timo on rhythm guitar, Archzie on bass and Jussi on drums, who is in great shape and his drumming style is eye catching.  With a studded 17 song set of tunes from their 30+ year history that included, “Dance D’Amour”“Brandon Lee”, “Two Horns Up” and “Lost Boys”, The 69 Eyes had the fans captivated and enthralled all night long.  Also coming off an album release in September 2019, titled, ‘West End’.  The 69 Eyes are keeping on the pulse of civilization by spreading the word to not worry about what others think and just enjoy being ourselves.

This was one hell of fun show, each of these bands kicked ass, I feel bad for those of you who miss this tour.

The 69 Eyes

Wednesday 13

Sumo Cyco

The Crowned

All images © Mike Shaler
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