ALBUM REVIEW: “Hydrograd” – Stone Sour


To say Corey Taylor is an icon in rock music is a complete understatement. The global superstar vocalist is best known as the frontman for the legendary heavy metal band Slipknot. It seems that everything that Corey is involved in turns to gold, literally. Corey’s side project, Stone Sour, is no different.

On their sixth studio release, and the first without Slipknot guitarist Jim Root, Stone Sour seems to be having an identity crisis. Deciding whether to be Stone Sour, Slipknot or a hybrid of both bands. I.E. Slipsour.  Hydrograd is exactly what you’d expect from Corey. Full of crazy good hooks, hard crunches and radio friendly songs like the first release “Song #3” [see video below]. Corey and the boys succeed in the formula that has made Stone Sour so successful, hooks man hooks. Corey is a brilliant lyricist, and his work on Hydrograd is no different. Working with a new bassist and new guitar player can sometimes be an obstacle for an established band like Stone Sour, but these guys are pros so there is no drop off from where House Of Gold and Bones…. Part 2 left off.

Stone Sour – Song #3 [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Showing their split personality on the track “Fabuless”, Corey and the boys have written a track that seems to be more apt for the next Slipknot album. On “Song #3” Stone Sour sounds like EVERYTHING that has made them the commercial success they are. On the title track “Hydrograd”, they seem to be both Slipknot AND Stone Sour, but is that really a bad thing? I don’t think any of the hardcore Stone Sour fans, and Slipknot maggots would argue that it’s not a great combination for success.

Whether you’re a Stone Sour fan, a hardcore Maggot or a fan of both bands, Hydrograd does not disappoint. Not one bit.

If you haven’t had the chance to listen to Hydrograd yet,  what are you waiting for? It’s “Fabuless”.

1. YSIF (2:02)
2. Taipei Person/Allah Tea (5:16)
3. Knievel Has Landed (4:01)
4. Hydrograd (4:37)
5. Song #3 (4:16)
6. Fabuless (4:00)
7. The Witness Trees (4:45)
8. Rose Red Violent Blue (This Song Is Dumb & So Am I) (4:56)
9. Thank God It’s Over (3:36)
10. St. Marie (4:27)
11. Mercy (3:23)
12. Whiplash Pants (4:19)
13. Friday Knights (5:17)
14. Somebody Stole My Eyes (3:47)
15. When the Fever Broke (6:32)