ALBUM REVIEW: CyberScream Self-Titled

MIKE SHALER | Go Venue Magazine

The first thing after hearing several of CyberScream’s songs was, this stuff rocks and rocks hard.  This is the kind of music that gets you pumped, excellent gym music for those looking for pick me up music.  Dane White is the mind behind CyberScream, not just the mind but the sole musician on guitars, drums and vocals to create a wonderful array of tracks for a kick ass debut album. 

I first knew of Dane White in 2019 when he became the new drummer for the aggrotech / industrial metal band Combichrist.  I was impressed with Dane’s drumming prowess at the Combichrist show and after listening to the CyberScream album, I now see how much more talented Dane White is.  There’s no stopping Dane from creating awesome music.  Not even the covid-19 pandemic that has put the live music industry at a stand-still for months and many venues still haven’t reopened due to restrictions.  The benefit of all the downtime from not being able to tour is having time to write and record new music.  Dane White took advantage of his downtime and thus we have the self-titled CyberScream album.

For music fans who like rock and heavy metal like Combichrist and Slipknot, CyberScream is for you.  From pummeling drums, riffing guitars and vocals ranging from gruff to soothing, this album covers all bases.  Many of the songs are catchy and instantly grab onto you holding a rhythm that keeps you tuned in.  Some of my favorite songs are “Seizure”, packed with heavy beating drums and sinister vocals.  “Pseudo” and “ Opt Out” have synths that pop with energy.  “Shadow Side” is fun and easy to pick up and sing along to.  “Happiness Is Distraction” displays tender vocals with an all-encompassing sound. 

Dane did get some guitar solo help from his friend Rhett Tanner on the tracks “Black Ranger” and “Happiness Is Distraction”.  There’s even a cover track of Motley Crue’s “Live Wire”.  Overall, the album is addictive and a great listen no matter what track you’re listening to.  CyberScream will be available on all music streaming devices starting October 10th, 2020.  Which coincidentally is Dane’s birthday, have a rockin’ birthday Dane, let’s all celebrate by playing CyberScream.

Official CyberScream Self-Titled Album Artwork

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