Aaron Lewis – Acoustic Songs & Stories

Aaron Lewis at the Pittsburg’s Memorial Hall on Saturday, February 29, 2020. (Photo credit: Kyle "Buttercup" Million.

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Ben Danaher

Saturday night February 29, 2020, started out with the same showing I.D. and searching of bags to confirm legit gear but ended up with a couple of pleasant surprises. We found out there was an opening act on his last night with the tour one Ben Danaher.  Ben gave a short intro of himself and how he got here, here being the music scene and stage in front of both. His set was defiantly a treat for those who showed up early and for the next 45 minutes he kept people coming in instead of talking in the lobby like most do till the main attraction at an event like this starts. I recommend checking him out onYouTube and other social media as everyone talked highly of his set in the concession line and after the show on Facebook.

Getting to the headliner and why we hear he gave the expected show if you’ve seen his YouTube videos or caught a recent show. Aaron Lewis came out with a whiskey and lit a cigarette, he later told us about how it was a prop and part of his act to a fan why kept begging for one. A few people were upset he didn’t sing certain songs from his past but he made it clear that songs he hadn’t played in years he can’t remember them although most likely he just didn’t want to play a song he hadn’t practiced and put fresh in his mind can you blame him for wanting to play and perform to his best? 

Aarons’s act for his show is to be a relaxed drinking and smoking friend telling you about his experiences and playing some songs that fit into this.  I have to say because of this acoustic style I had time to do more than rush around trying to get the best shots which his “Re-elect the Mo*&%^f%^#er“ that made difficult to get a good light on his face.  Still despite the fact that everyone that had been drinking in the crowd kept yelling suggestions or whatever he fed off that and replied, entertaining to some other’s that came for the music got aggravated and voiced it later on social media. The most noticeable thing to me was his bus driver that used to play slide guitar for his acoustic show was absent and was missed as he added a nice harmony to the show in the past.

Staff at Pittsburg’s Memorial Hall was kind and helpful as always going out of their way to make everyone’s night a little nicer.  What’s that you haven’t been there before, well make a point to it’s a beautiful venue the sound is great about the only thing I could see them improving would be the lighting to match some of the larger casino setups and it would astound.


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