Weesp Unveil New Music Video ‘Black Sails’

Weesp - Official Band Photo Press
Black Sails Cover

On June 14 rock band Weesp gave a buzz for their fans-sailors by releasing an official music video Black Sails on the title song of the same-name album. Before that guys already released three videos on tracks from their brand-new long-play: illumination, Not Over and Who We Are, and now they released Black Sails.

Videos by Weesp have always been notable for their atmosphere and symbolism. But this time in their video guys filmed synchronous and musical-like dance.

According to the musicians, “We wanted to do something absurd, it would go well with the overall video message and dance by us is the best option for such idea. There are so much contrasts in the video: black and white, fire and cold smoke, bare copper pipes and glamorous bling…And finally, beautiful moves by our Black Sails ladies and on the opposite – our insecure moves, lol”.

As Weesp admit, in order to film the video they did have to take a few dancing classes. They still did not learn how to dance properly but at least, had a good time. And the video turned out really awesome: dynamic and interesting, so check it out by watching the video below:


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