The Patron Saints of Irish Punk Dropkick Murphys at Myth Live

Dropkick Murphys performing on the stage at Myth Live in Maplewood, Minnesota on Saturday, February 24, 2024. (Photo credit: Jess Beck)


St. Patrick’s Day came early for concertgoers in Maplewood, Minnesota this year. While nearby Saint Paul will be decked out in green closer to mid-March, Saturday, February 24th, 2024 brought us the St Patrick’s Day Tour featuring Dropkick MurphysPennywise, and The Scratch at MYTH LIVE.

If you weren’t at MYTH LIVE last night, you missed out on a wild night of Celtic chaos, punk pandemonium, and acoustic anarchy that left us questioning if leprechauns were moonlighting as concert organizers. It was a night that left the audience more electrified than finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

The Scratch. Let’s say I had an itch, and they Scratched it. Picture modern-day, metalhead Hobbits armed with acoustic instruments and banjos. Between the driving percussion (check the photos because I can’t even describe his setup) and the shredding acoustic guitar solos, it all made sense while making no sense at all. A four-piece outfit hailing from DublinThe Scratch brings the traditional Irish sound, but it’s….more. New. You know the ugly face you make when music is so good you just can’t deal? Yeah, my face got stuck like that. The Scratch is not your typical Irish pub band; they’re the rebels of the traditional scene, and they’ve just become my new favorite band. If you’re not checking them out, you’re missing a musical pot of gold.

Next up, Pennywise. Hailing from sunny California, these punk rock legends hit the stage with the force of a hurricane and the tenacity of someone who just found out they’re out of Guinness. The crowd was feeling the raw, straightforward punk vibes. The energy was so palpable; you could practically taste it in the air – and it tasted like rebellion and nostalgia. Pennywise brought the classic punk show, and the crowd brought the classic punk attitude. Pennywise puts on one hell of a show, and while they just don’t give a damn about authority, you can feel that they DO give a damn about their fans. They might be punk royalty, but they know who put them there, and they pay it back at their shows. 10/10 experience.

And then, the pièce de résistance – Dropkick Murphys, the greatest non-Irish-Irish band of all time. They kicked off the set with “For Boston,” paying homage to their roots and setting the tone for an unforgettable night. From there, it was a non-stop barrage of Celtic punk hits. “The Boys Are Back,” and indeed, they were. The crowd was a sea of jumping, dancing, and crowd-surfing revelers, creating a mosh pit of epic proportions – a mosh pit so lively, even St. Patrick himself might have traded in his staff for a surfboard.

Midway through Dropkick Murphys set, they brought up Amelia, a little girl who’s gonna be the next generation’s punk rock queen. Dressed like she was straight out of the 90s grunge scene, Amelia shared the microphone with singer Ken Casey for their hit “Rose Tattoo“. Seeing Dropkick Murphys interact with their youngest fans was one of the highlights of the night. Mad respect, Ken!

The final encore, “Shipping Up To Boston,” turned the whole venue into a bouncing frenzy. If you weren’t airborne at some point during that song, you clearly missed the memo and need to work on your concert acrobatics. Dropkick Murphys managed to transform MYTH LIVE into a temporary Irish pub, complete with the chaos and camaraderie you’d expect – it was like stepping into a portal to the lively streets of Dublin, minus the expensive airfare.

Let’s not forget the unsung heroes of the night – the staff and the venue. The bartenders at MYTH LIVE are some of the nicest staff I’ve had the pleasure of talking to. Getting a drink never took more than three minutes, and for that, we salute you. The door and security staff were not only on top of their game, but they were also some of the friendliest gatekeepers of any venue we’ve encountered – it’s like they took a crash course in hospitality from the friendliest leprechauns in the land.

In conclusion, if you’re not planning on catching this tour, you’re committing a crime against your own musical enjoyment and possibly breaking an unwritten pact with the spirit of St. Patrick. Dropkick MurphysPennywise, and The Scratch delivered a night of chaos, community, and pure unadulterated fun that left us with smiles wider than a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. MYTH LIVE was the place to be, and if you weren’t there, well, you missed one hell of a party. Until next time, keep the pints flowing and the banjos shredding. And don’t forget the important things, like deodorant and being excellent to others. Sláinte!

Dropkick Murphys


The Scratch

All images © Jess Beck

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