The Machine Killer Tour hits Steelhouse with co-headliners Sevendust and Static-X

Static-X at Steelhouse in Omaha, Nebraska on Thursday, May 16, 2024. (Photo credit: Peter Amisano)

PETER AMISANO | Go Venue Magazine

2024 Machine Killer tour is a reunion tour that brings 3 bands back together over 25 years later. The third leg of the tour reunites SevendustStatic-X, & Dope for the May 16th show at Steelhouse Omaha, and it was a show worth the wait.

Joining the tour in 2024, as the fourth band and opening act, is Lines Øf Loyalty. This trio puts on a rockin’ show worthy of the company they are keeping on this tour. These three upcoming musicians, Glenn “Nubz” Morrison, vocals/guitar, Redo Ianni bass/vocals, keys, and Brayden Pike, drums, hailing from Kenosha, WI, were a refreshing addition to the bill. Great songs, great energy and great performance!

Dope was the second to take the stage. This four piece from New York City, Edsel Dope – vocals, Acey Slade – guitar, Daniel Fox – bass, and Chris Warner – drums, was well known to these fans and well received. The energy these guys exhibited was exhilarating. This was my first-time seeing Dope and the performance was awesome. This band makes the lineup and the tour complete!

Up next was co-headliner Sevendust. These Grammy nominees’ consistently deliver, even after 30 years and 14 albums, the performance was exactly what I expected. Lajon Witherspoon, Sevendust’s singer, was killin’ it and for me, was the highlight of the evening. After Sevendust’s 3rd song, typically when photographers take their last photo, I was exiting the pit. Lajon Witherspoon then went out of his way to come to the edge of the stage, bent down and thanked me for taking photos, and then gave me a fist bump. In my years of concert photography, I’ve never had a star, of Lajon Witherspoon’s caliber, go out of his way, during a show, to say thank you. It was an experience I will never forget; I was already a Sevendust fan, but now have the utmost respect for the person, the band, and can’t recommend them highly enough.

The evening concluded with Static-X. The set started with an intro. The stage was dark and the song, Time Warp from Rocky Horror Picture Show, playing. Next the band took the stage along, with a pumpkin head character and a character with an X for head with a fog gun, all while bubbles fell from the ceiling. The feel, the emotion, of the performance was eerily intriguing. I hadn’t been to a Static-X show prior to this tour, and while I was fascinated by what I observed, the music and the energy matched the theatrics. The visuals added to the overall performance, but the music and musicianship also played a significant role. I highly recommend catching Static-X, if at all possible, on the Machine Killer tour.




Lines Øf Loyalty

All images © Peter Amisano

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