The Band Camino Delights The Crowd at Steelhouse

The Band CAMINO at Steelhouse in Omaha, Nebraska on Wednesday, October 4, 2023. (Photo credit: Bob DeHart)

BOB DeHART | Go Venue Magazine

I entered a different musical realm than what I am used to as I walked into the Steelhouse venue last night. My normal musical adventures lean heavily to the rock and roll world. Last night, it was all about pop music. Three bands that are young and looking to make an impact, made for an entertaining evening full of catchy songs and an audience belting out lyrics word for word.

First up was The WLDLFE. The self-proclaimed “favorite band you never heard of”.  A three-piece group from Indianapolis. Definitely a new wave, dance vibe coming from these guys. Some great songs including one called “All My Friends” that was a big crowd pleaser and my personal favorite. Some great lyrics, check it out, and you’ll see what I mean.

Next up was Bad Suns, hailing from Woodland Hills, CA. They have been around for a while, established in 2012, and it was easy to see that they have an established sound that has been honed over the years. Definitely more rock than the other bands on the bill this night. But not so much that they didn’t fit in. Their alternative sound was a great mix to add into the sound on this tour. A highlight for me was the performance of a newly released single, “The One I Used to Love’. It’s a great song and I recommend you checking it out.

On to the main event, The Band CAMINO. The Steelhouse is about a 3,000 seat capacity for its shows. I’m not lying when I say it sounded about 3 times that number as they took the stage. It was loud. Very loud. They have a very strong and loyal fan base. They were singing every word of every song, it was pretty awesome to see and hear this spectacle. As my first Band CAMINO experience, I walked away feeling impressed with the band and how they played and entertained the near capacity crowd.

It was a 23 song setlist that consisted of new and old songs, this tour is for the newest release “The Dark”. The Band CAMINO only has two full length releases, and have only been together since 2015. Coming out of Memphis, TN. In this short time, with only two EP releases and two full length albums, they have built quite the loyal fan base. As someone who doesn’t venture down this musical trail much, I walked away with a great appreciation of these guys, and I would even venture to say that I’m a fan. I believe that they haven’t peaked yet and will continue to grow. I’m excited to see what the future holds for these guys.


Bad Suns


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