Sellout Crowd Seeks A Cinderella Story Ending

Flint, Michigan - Saturday, February 22, 2020

Tom Keifer at The Machine Shop in Flint, Michigan on Saturday, February 22, 2020. (Photo credit: Mike Shaler)

MIKE SHALER | Go Venue Magazine

Just four months ago, the Tom Keifer Band came to The Machine Shop in Flint, Michigan and rocked the place out to such high approval, I guess they couldn’t wait to get back and do it all again.  The fans packed The Machine Shop in anticipation of a grand time. 

Opening the show was a local Mid-Michigan band called Peacemaker.  Peacemaker jams out rock and roll cover tunes from the 70’s and 80’s.  Peacemaker has played their share of shows and they took to the stage like pros as they riffed out tunes like “Rock and Roll Fantasy”, “Rock Steady” and “Fool For Your Loving”, amongst others to get the crowd grooving.  With Bruce Humphrey on bass, Brad Graham on drums, Tod Walraven on guitar and Brian Carson on vocals, Peacemaker made well with the audience and had them singing and dancing along to the music.

With standing room only, the venue was pumped and ready when Tom Keifer and his band stepped out onstage.  Doing their ritual preshow huddle on stage, Tom and the gang were on the same page to rock the place to the fullest.  The rock world knows Tom Keifer as the lead singer of the hit song making machine band, Cinderella.  Tom is keeping those songs going along with new hits with his band of talented musicians and singers.  Tony Higbee on guitar, Billy Mercer on bass, Kory Myers on keyboards, Jarred Pope on drums, Kendra Chantelle on vocals and Tom’s wife, Savannah Keifer on vocals. 

This band cranks out those old Cinderella songs like nobody’s business, with songs like “Nobody’s Fool”, “Coming Home”, “Save Me”, “Shake Me”, “Shelter Me” and “Long Cold Winter” plus several others, this is a set list that classic rock fans drool about to the hear and see live in person.  And praise to us fans, Tom is not one to rest solely on his past success.  Being the awesome vocalist and musician, he is, Tom and his band created an awesome album titled ‘Rise’, which was released in 2019 and has numerous songs that can be radio hits.  I was glad they performed a few more cuts from their new album this time around. “Touching The Divine”, “Rise”, “Hype” and “Death Of Me” were the tracks played off the new album.  I’m still hoping to hear one of my favorite songs off the “Rise” album live, “You Believe in Me”.  Maybe next time, there’s so many songs and so little time.  But this is why time and time again, I and fans alike will attend to see the Tom Keifer Band play, no matter what selection of songs get played, you know full well that you’re going to be in for a good time. 

Tom Keifer is a pro’s pro when it comes to being prepared for showtime and if you ever have the chance to catch the Tom Keifer Band in concert, DO IT!!

And yes, we got our Cinderella ending as we all went down that “Gypsy Road”.  Looking forward to the next time Tom Keifer Band comes around because, “I keep on pushing ‘cause it feels alright”.

Tom Keifer Band


All images © Mike Shaler
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