OLIVIA RODRIGO Packs CHI Health Center Omaha

Olivia Rodrigo at CHI Health Center in Omaha, Nebraska on Wednesday, March 13, 2024. (Photo credit: Dean Birkheimer)


On March 13th I saw Olivia Rodrigo in concert in Omaha, NE. To begin with, I wanna say there were so many “livies” (Olivia Rodrigo fans) there. They were all so excited to see her and so were my friend and I. We got in the arena and there were was a little bracelet trading happening. At 7:30, the opener for Olivia came out. Her name is Chappell Roan. Her voice was so lovely and all of her songs were so good! When she was done the lights went off and on the big screen, Olivia was running like she was in a horror movie. It was so cool. On the big screen her hands were shown and on her fingers were rings and the rings spelled out GUTS.  It was so cute.  The lights would flicker to the beat of “Bad Idea Right.” The lights on the stage came on and everybody was screaming.   She came up from the stage and started singing and her outfit was so gorgeous!  While she was singing “Bad Idea Right” she said “I know I should stop”, some people stopped singing. It was funny. The next song was  “Ballad of a Home Schooled Girl” the lights and the background on the big screen showed some of her year book pictures.  “Vampire” was next. The background on the big screen changed and now there was a red moon in the middle and the lights were so pretty. The dancers did an awesome job dancing around during “Traitor”. Olivia brought her piano out to play “Divers License.” It all looked lovely with the blue and red lights. Still on piano, “Teenage Dream” was next. On the big screen, there were videos of her when she was young. It made me cry. I loved the performance. After “Teenage Dream” she played “Pretty Isn’t Pretty Enough” and she came out from the stage and changed her outfit. While she was singing, her dancers had little mirrors, and they formed a circle around Olivia. It was just a cool effect. During “Love is Embarrassing” the performers got in a line and laid on each other. From the rafters there were stars that started to come down. The whole arena went black. After a couple of minutes, Olivia was sitting on a crescent moon and floating in the air above the crowd.  She started singing “Making the Bed”. It was so incredible as she was flying overhead. While still above us on the moon, she sang “Logical”. The moon made its way back to the stage, and she jumped off and started singing my favorite song, “Lacy”. She came off the ground and all the lights everywhere were so beautiful and amazing! During “Jealousy, Jealousy” her and the guitar player got on each other’s back and were singing. “Happier” and one of my other favorite songs, “Favorite Crime” were next. The lighting was really gorgeous, and her in a new outfit was as well. She surprisingly played “Can’t Catch Me Now”. I was screaming and so was my friend as we both love that song.  Her voice sounded great during “Deja-Vu” and with the purple lights it all was wonderful. She rocked the “Grudge That I Love” and then came “Brutal”. (My grandpa’s favorite Olivia song). After “Brutal” she played “Obsessed”. There was a camera on the stage and she was looking into it and singing. Then she played all “American B****.” And on the big screen, there were big lips singing along to the song.  Next, she sang “Good 4 u”.  She changed her outfit again and on her shirt it said “ur mom”. She was jumping everywhere and was so happy! She ended with “Get Him”. Everyone was going wild and the lights and dancers were amazing, and after the song, confetti shot out and came raining down.  She ran around giving everyone high-fives. It was such a great show. My friend and I had a great time. For people who went, I hope you had fun too. Bye for now.

Olivia Rodrigo

Chappell Roan

All images © Dean Birkheimer

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