Nonpoint Brings The Million Watts Tour to Lincoln

Nonpoint at Bourbon Theatre in Lincoln, Nebraska on Saturday, April 13, 2024. (Photo by Pam Whisenhunt)

PAM WHISENHUNT | Go Venue Magazine

Nonpoint brought the second leg of their Million Watts Tour to Lincoln, Nebraska, April 13th, 2024.  Known for their high energy, showmanship and dramatic jumps, Nonpoint brought the perfect supporting cast in Hed PE and Dropout Kings.  Both brought the same energy and spirit as the headliners.

While standing in line waiting to get into the doors, I spotted Adam Ramey (Dropout Kings’ lead vocals) and Rob Sebastion (guitar) walking around the Bourbon, checking out the crowd and fist bumping fans. This personal engagement continued throughout the set and into the night. There was no shortage of opportunities to chat up and grab a selfie with the Dropout Kings.  It didn’t take long after the set started, Ramey made his way off the stage and into the crowd.  While Ramey mingled in the crowd, Black Cat Bill and Sebastion entertained on stage.

Hed PE continued the energy filled night. Hed PE’s music is the best blend of hip hop, rock and metal mixed with reggae and a little ska.  Out of all the bands, they were the most interactive with the crowd.  Jared Gomes (lead vocals) had the crowd chanting back and forth and got a circle pit going during one of the songs, “punk rock part”. 

Nonpoint took the stage all in red, looking like a synced, cohesive group. Nonpoint put together a set list that encompassed their almost 30-year discography. They played some heavy singles, some slower jams and mixed in their new song “Underdog”.  Elias Soriano (lead vocals) wanted fans to be the first to hear the new song before its release on May 21st. Soriano emphasized the importance of live music and going to concerts, stating its “where it’s at”. Halfway into the new song “Underdog”, Soriano stopped the music and called for assistance as someone in the front row collapsed.  Soriano made sure the patron got taken care of before he continued. After making sure all was good, he started “Underdog” from the top, noting Bourbon Theatre attendees were the only ones to get to hear the new song twice. 

Nonpoint’s Million Watts Tour is just getting going.  The Lincoln show was only the third show of 28.  Plenty of shows to catch if you missed this one.  I recommend taking in one of the upcoming shows.  It’s a highly entertaining night of energy and classic Nu Metal tunes.


Hed PE

Dropout Kings

All images © Pam Whisenhunt

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