Masked Men Take Over in Flint on Devils Night

Mushroomhead performs at The Machine Shop in Flint, Michigan on Wednesday, October 30, 2019. Photo credit: Mike Shaler.

BY MIKE SHALER | Go Venue Magazine

October 30th, 2019, Devils Night, the evening before Halloween when people are on alert for any strange goings on.  It was at The Machine Shop where the wickedness occurred as Mushroomhead brought the devil themed party to the fans.  Along for the ride were Unsaid Fate and Dead Superstar.

Dead Superstar got the show started with a blend of energetic rock that had the crowd singing along.  This band out of Long Island, New York led by singer Terence Keith spearheaded the charge and kept the audience involved as Brian Duke on drums and Mike Bohm on guitar provided the beats.

Unsaid Fate plowed through a thunderous set that amped up the crowd.  Jackie LaPonza on vocals is a sheer delight as she worked the crowd and had everyone bouncing along.  Don DeBiase on guitar/vocals and Luke Fockler on guitar shredded the chords while fuzzy faced whoopee cushion man aka Mushroomhead’s, Diablo, filled in on drums.  Unsaid Fate brought the heavy that the fans were craving and set us up for the rest of the evening’s music enjoyment.

Out of Cleveland, Ohio, Mushroomhead has been inspiring the world since 1993.  Pioneers of the mysterious and creepy mask wearing, multiple singers and the dynamic musical involvement of additional band members playing samples, deejaying and multiple drummers with the advent of water drums to make the percussions even more exciting for the senses.  Mushroomhead has gone through many changes over the years.  But the one constant is they always rock.

With J Mann and Mr. Rauckhorst trading vocals, Skinny and Roberto Diablo swapping drum duties, Stitch on samples and waterdrums, Tommy Tankx on guitar, Dr. F on bass guitar and Jackie LaPonza joining in on vocals at times, Mushroomhead is a full band aimed to rock your ass off.  Playing a slew of crowd-pleasing songs like “Qwerty”“Sun Doesn’t Rise”“43”“Solitaire/Unraveling”“These Filthy Hands” and so much more, it was enough to get some fans fueled with aggression and create some intense moshing that had to be simmered down by security.

Between the waterdrums splashing up and the wicked devil masks each of the band members wore and Jackie coming out into the crowd as audience members held her high up so she could connect with as many fans as possible to let them know the fans are what make rock and roll great.  It was rough and rowdy at times, but we all persevered through an intense heavy metal concert that had the fans amped and ready for the next time.


Unsaid Fate

Dead Superstar

All images © Mike Shaler
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