Lucha VaVoom Presents Their Halloween Spectacular: Fiesta Fantasma!

BY STEPHANIE LEMUS | Go Venue Magazine

Lucha VaVoom held their Halloween spectacular, “Fiesta Fantasma,” for two nights on October 23 and 24, 2019 at the Mayan to a sold-out audience in downtown Los Angeles.  These shows are known for their high energy and drama that comes with the world of wrestling.  The venue was packed with fans who were waiting for their favorite luchadors like Dirty Sanchez and the King of Sleaze: Joey Ryan.  The band Fontaines DC opened up the Thursday show and the crowd was ready to see some action. 

Some of the first matches were Joey Ryan, Taya Valkyrie, Nurse Ratchet, and Dr. Maldad.  Fans were able to be entertained by Dirty Sanchez, the Crazy Chickens, and the Sexi Mexi’s.  More headliners were Rey Horus, Magno with Lucha VaVoom debuts by Soberano Jr. and Hijo de Dr. Wagner.  The crowd went crazy for Penta Zero Miedo and Rey Fenix.  Their match brought them out into the audience, and everyone went into a frenzy. Sismo and Pinatita were the ultimate tag team that night against Lil Cholo and Dirty Sanchez.  Along with their high-flying antics, no one was safe from Dirty Sanchez’s excrements that he threw into the crowd. 

In between wrestling matches, there were stunning performances by Brynn Route, Bryona Ashly, Karis Wilde, Brooke Candy, and Michelle L’amourBrooke Candy joined Simone Sherie and Heather Monroe in the ring after her awesome performance.  Their acts included beautiful burlesque and more performance art like pole dancing, hula hooping, and body bending.  The crowd was completely mesmerized by them.

Lucha VaVoom hosts exciting events throughout the year and tickets can be bought from their website.  You definitely don’t want to miss out!

All images © Stephanie Lemus
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