LIVE REVIEW: Operation: Mindcrime Live at The Machine Shop

Flint, Michigan - Friday, June 14, 2019

Operation: Mindcrime performs at The Machine Shop in Flint, Michigan on Friday, June 14, 2019. Photo by Mike Shaler

BY MIKE SHALER | Go Venue Magazine

June 14th 2019 was another rocking night in the books at The Machine Shop in Flint, Michigan as Operation: Mindcrime, Till Death Do Us Part and Crimson Highway performed for us rock and roll junkies.

Crimson Highway, a local band out of Flint, Michigan who have a knack for creating some catchy tunes with Bill Sargent on lead guitar, Tim Walsh on bass guitar and joined on drums with Joe Neminski who is just a beast behind the kit.  Lead vocalist Chris Kelley sang those melodic vocals that had the fans humming along.

Till Death Do Us Part followed up with a concoction of alternative rock with a twist of darkness added in.  Lead singer Emily Tate is a pretty lady with a lovely voice that catches you off guard with the wicked animations and lyrics to match.  Kieran Robertson on lead guitar led the charge as he got the crowd amped up and even bumped aggressively into bass guitarists Jack Ross as they jammed.  On drums was Michael Fechter keeping the beat rolling.  Kieran and Emily displayed their sexual chemistry on stage as they stood close together singing into the microphone and also the aggressive passion when Kieran put his hand around Emily’s neck.  Till Death Do Us Part lays it out there for all to see and they thoroughly rocked. 

Guitarist, Scott Moughton, drummer, Felix Bohnke, along with double duty guitarist Kieran Robertson and bassist Jack Ross stepped on stage to kick off Operation: Mindcrime’s set with a musical flourish of guitar riffage and drum pummeling of the song “Anarchy X”, which got the crowd excited.  Then lead vocalist Geoff Tate enters and the crowd roars as he digs into his vocal mastery busting out tons of Operation: Mindcrime tunes.  From “Revolution Calling”, “The Mission” and a duet with his daughter Emily on “Suite Sister Mary”, the crowd had no shortage of excellent rock and roll fodder.

If that wasn’t enough, Geoff and the gang riled up the crowd once again with a string of classic Queensryche hits with “Jet City Woman”, “Silent Lucidity” and “Best I Can” being just a few of the awesomeness cranked out.

Operation: Mindcrime is a band having fun and the smiles and laughs they share on stage spilled out to the audience as we sang along and delighted in the good music that brought back good memories while creating new good memories.

The tour has just begun, so there’s plenty of opportunities for my fellow rockers to catch Operation: Mindcrime live in concert.

Operation: Mindcrime

Till Death Do Us Part

Crimson Highway

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