LIVE REVIEW: Angels and Airwaves Live at The Warfield

San Francisco, CA | September 30, 2019

Angels and Airwaves performing at The Warfield in San Francisco, California on Monday, September 30 2019. Photo credit: Kris Comer.

BY KRIS COMER | Go Venue Magazine

Charming Liars
Charming Liars opened the night as a band that could easily headline!  I was immediately impressed with the singers voice and how well his bandmates carried him.  The internet describes them as alternative hard rock.  The band includes Kiliyan Maguire as vocals, Karnig Manoukian with guitar and productions and Mike Kruger on bass.  Their website mentions that Mike and Karnig got together in 2010 in London and moved to Los Angeles and officially formed with lead singer Kiliyan in 2013.  They even worked their merchant booth and were the nicest group of guys!  Check out their newest album Thought, Flesh and Bone released back in March. 

The New Regime
The New Regime is a single artist Llan Rubin formed in 2007 that arranges and performs his own songs based out of San Diego.  He has experience playing drums in such bands as Nine Inch Nails, Paramore and Angels and Airwaves.  His drumming life began around 1997 and even took lessons from Blink 182’s drummer Travis Barker.  For live performances Llan Rubin is vocals, piano and guitar, Danny Rubin does bass and vocals, Hayden Scott does drums.

Angels and Airwaves formed in 2005 by Tom Delongue when Blink-182 was on hiatus.  Tom Delonge performs on lead vocals, guitars, keyboards and bass, David Kennedy does guitar, and keyboards, and Llan Rubin does drums, keyboards, bass and backing vocals.  The band currently has 5 albums out dating back to 2006 and first tour in about 7 years.  This was my first AVA concert ever and it did not disappoint!  Regarding their next album Delonge tells NME “In many ways, what Angels is doing on this next record is kinda what my vision for where I wanted Blink to go in the future was.”  I can’t wait for the new album!  Check out their new singles “Kiss & Tell” and “Rebel Girl” which both kick ass!!

Angels and Airwaves

The New Regime

Charming Liars

All images © Kris Comer
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