Lied Center for Performing Arts crowd drops a dud at the start of the B-52s show, but explodes by the end.

Dean Birkheimer

B52s Banner provided by Lied Center for Performing Arts

On September 30th 2017 at the Lied Center for Performing Arts in Lincoln, NE, the “Worlds Greatest Party Band” was on stage.  You wouldn’t have known it based on the crowds reaction however.  The B-52s came out and opened with Cosmic Thing.  After the song the attendees politely applauded.  This prompted the B-52 front-man Fred Schneider to remind us all that “We’re a dance band”.  He continued, “Either dance or we will do our dinner theater, ‘South Pacific or ‘Annie’. You Choose. 

After Mesopotamia, Lava and Funplex the packed house still didn’t get the message.  Five notes into Private Idaho and the dance party began.  Everyone was on their feet, everyone was dancing and everyone did so until the end of the show. 

This was the B-52s “Summer of Love” tour and as Fred left the stage, Kate Pierson and Cindy Wilson took over with Summer of Love, 52 girls and Roam.  These two ladies can still harmonize like nobody’s business.  The return of Fred, who shouts more than he actually sings, brought about Channel Z, Party out Bounds and Dance this mess around. 

Wig was next. This had Fred all over the stage pointing at the audience asking the question. What’s that on your head? The concert was now in full swing, but still needed a kick and it got it with Love Shack.  Screams galore from the crowd, the dancing became feverish and it became a full fledged party. 

When Love Shack was done, the B-52’s thanked the crowd and exited.  The patrons were not ready to exit.  They cheered, whistled, screamed, clapped and stomped for more.  The B-52s did not disappoint.  The band reappeared and this time with a little walkie talkie. We heard the intro to Planet Clair and it was amazing, so well done and so perfect.  6060-842 followed and the show finally ended with Rock Lobster.

It took us all awhile to warm up, but we did and in the end the crowd was exhausted.  The B52s did what they were supposed to do.  They reminded us that sometimes you just need to get up and dance. 

– Dean Birkheimer