KilliT Video A Classic Return to Early Rock


As music videos go, it’s not a bad first attempt by London based band KilliT in their black and white shadowy production of their song “Waiting For The Day.”

Reminiscent of the mid to late 1980s early metal in their sound, absent of the glam fad in their appearance, it’s a little nostalgic with the vocal stylings of Gaz Twist fronting for what appears to be some very capable and talented rockers to back him up.

Claire Genoud on rhythm guitar slays a classic feel and Niro Knox accompanies her on lead guitar with an ease that I don’t find disturbing or broken in its’ intent. Meshing together well is what they are trying to accomplish here and they’re both successful in pulling it off with the heartbeat of the band’s bass player Ben Smart and drummer Pete Jean keeping their focus on instigating their instruments to pull the whole thing together in a switch hitting tempo that brings that old stripped down metal back to the forefront in music.

Like a very early Def Leppard or pre megametal band, KilliT brings us back to those early days to remind us that while grunge took over the airwaves, there were still bands rocking out that were worthy of spotlights more so than that commercial appeal of an angry generation that just seemed to complain and not accomplish a whole lot in effort on the visual aspects of a performance. Let’s face it, the grunge movement was not exactly known for their hygiene or bothering to bathe when white boys with dreadlocks were marching around on stage in torn flannels and you got the feeling, probably surrounding their immediate environment with pretty bad smells.

This cleaned up group gets the job done and KilliT takes us back in the modern age of music and shows potential without gimmicks or fads or overwhelming distractions from the music itself.

The video itself displays some rockers doing what they do – rocking out…

There isn’t always a need for pyrotechnics and overdone graphics to capture attention of today’s more instantly gratified visual music culture.

There’s something to be said for going back to the basics and just presenting the artists, in their element, rocking out as they were always meant to do. Love the black and white on this in it’s form with the headbanging and distant shots of the band with the close up’s of Twist who has a penetrating voice that gets into your crawl but you don’t mind it. He has some solid vocals and you keep expecting that maybe it’s going to fall apart at some point but surprisingly, it doesn’t because this guy keeps control of it,even in his falsetto, he doesn’t waiver and actually has a really great sound.

I went back and looked at some of their earlier live videos and I have to be honest, these guys rock a live show.

Would be interesting to see what else they have in the works and will present to us as they unfold a classic style with focus on their music, lyrics, sound and not all that unnecessary background color to capture attention.

Appealing in this refreshing approach, I hope to see more of what’s to become of KilliT and their amage to the old classic of presenting music to their audience with videos that do just that, offer music and not wrapping paper.

Happy Holidays to KilliT across the pond and come on over to the U.S. where early metal fans still exist and will appreciate your efforts and presentation.