Kill Devil Hill Releases New Music After Their 10-Year-Long Hiatus

Los Angeles, CA (September 20th, 2023) – Established in 2011 featuring Black Sabbath and Dio drummer Vinny Appice and Pantera bassist Rex Brown, Kill Devil Hill has gone through various member alterations, ultimately leading to their impressive current lineup: Johnny Kelly on drums (Type O Negative), Mark Zavon on guitar, Dewey Bragg on vocals, and Matt Snell (ex-Five Finger Death Punch) on bass. The group has teamed up with Chris Bianchi and Legend Recordings to release their new album on September 20th titled, Seas of Oblivion.

The album combines classic hard rock with tinges of metal, and ultimately bridges the gap between contemporary and classic metal. Band members explored the uniqueness of each song, and explained what this record means to them after their long-awaited return.

After a nearly decade-long hiatus, Kill Devil Hill released their first single, “Blood in the Water”, in February of this year, which is a fast-paced and exciting start to the record. With anthemic vocals and nonstop guitar riffs, this song explores themes of fear and despair – an evocative start to the album, and a perfect way of setting up what’s to come.

“You Can’t Kill Me California”, their second single off the album, features a more aggressive metal approach than many of the group’s other songs – utilizing more screaming than Kill Devil Hills’ typical melodic metal sound. The aggressive nature of this song speaks to the subject matter at hand, where band members lament about the struggles of life and the human experience – being frustrated with the state of the world, and the difficult times we all have been facing in recent years. 

 “Before The Devil Knows”, released in June of this year, is a groovy track with a combination of infectious vocals and thundering guitar. Kill Devil Hills’ songwriting and harmony skills shine through in this one in a major way.  Lyrics like “I raise my glass to the past, and whatever lies ahead. I hope we get to heaven…before the devil knows we’re dead” help establish a dark, poetic nature to the track.

“It’s always exciting to explore new musical territories and showcase different aspects of the band’s sound. Transitioning to a more melodic approach can add depth and variety to our music, allowing us to connect with our audience in different ways. By incorporating harmonies and exploring a softer side, you can create a contrast with the aggressive and in-your-face elements present in our previous work. This contrast can make our music more dynamic and showcase our versatility as a band. It also gives me the opportunity as a singer to demonstrate my vocal abilities in a different light, adding a new dimension to performances.”Dewey Bragg, lead vocals, Kill Devil Hill

The band’s fourth single, “Playing With Fire” is a grungy, more metal/rock-oriented track, reminiscent of the classic KDH sound. Getting back to basics, the group shows their strengths in this guitar-forward, infectious track.

“There was a little bit of a new direction in the songwriting.  I’m sure it had to do with the different lineup.  I tried to be more song-oriented in my approach to the songs. I think having Chris Collier producing played a big part as well.”Johnny Kelly, drummer, Kill Devil Hill 

Comparable to groups like Soundgarden and Alice in Chains, Kill Devil Hill showcase their ability to experiment with many different styles in this album, and push the envelope on what is expected – keeping things fresh and exciting for their fans. 

With four singles out and more to come, such as ‘Pharmaceutical’ ‘Sunshine,’ and ‘From the Ashes’ — “Seas of Oblivion” promises to explore deep and meaningful topics relating to the universal human experience – love, loss, yearning, and spirituality. 

The music video for “Pharmaceutical Sunshine” was just released on September 13.

Watch below:

Dewey Bragg
“Pharmaceutical Sunshine is a masterpiece that resonates deeply with its powerful lyrics and captivating melody. It’s a song that leaves a meaningful impact, reminding us of the transformative power of music.”

Mark Zavon
“I’ve seen the heartbreaking effects of opioid addiction up close, and it made me want to shine a light on this devastating undercurrent and hopefully provide encouragement to those who are struggling with these issues. “Pharmaceutical Sunshine” is all about raising awareness and trying to help people understand that they are not alone in this battle.”

About Kill Devil Hill:
Starting a new chapter with a fresh new lineup of talent, Kill Devil Hill, features long-time friends and musical collaborators Johnny Kelly on drums (Type O Negative), Mark Zavon on guitar, Dewey Bragg, on vocals, and Matt Snell (ex-Five Finger Death Punch) on bass. Combining textures from all different realms of rock and metal, KDH delivers a crushing sound that combines a contemporary feel with a classic aesthetic we all know and love.

The band released its debut record on SPV Records in May of 2012, and its sophomore album came out on Century Media in October of 2013. Touring alongside legendary artists such as Alice Cooper and Killswitch Engage, Kill Devil Hill continues to make bringing their music to the people their first priority.

Teaming up with producer/engineer/mixer/mastering engineer Chris Collier (KORN), KDH is set to release their third album, Seas of Oblivion, today!

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