Jinjer, The Browning and Sumo Cyco Bust Out Some Metal That’s Loud, Heavy and Sexy

Frontwoman Tatiana Shmailyuk of Jinjer performs at The Machine Shop in Flint, Michigan on Saturday, October 19, 2019. Photo credit: Mike Shaler.

BY MIKE SHALER | Go Venue Magazine

Plenty of heavy metal fans had their plans set well ahead of time as a concert announcement featuring Ukranian headliners, Jinjer, back to The Machine Shop made for a quick sell out after tickets went on sale.  Bringing along The Browning and Sumo Cyco was the icing on the cake for our listening pleasure.

Sumo Cyco, a Canadian band led by Skye Sweetnam on vocals with Matt Drake on lead guitar, Matt Trozzi on drums and Oscar Anesetti on bass guitar.  This group knows how to have fun and makes it their mission to share that fun with the crowd.  Aside from high energetic rock and roll music, Skye made her way into the crowd and got the fans to crouch down as she orchestrated them into all jumping back up on her cue.  Skye also got on Matt’s shoulder as he played guitar and walked amongst the audience on the floor as she sang to her hearts content.  Sumo Cyco delivered an arousing set to kick off the night on the right foot.

Coming in like a freight train going full speed was The Browning.  This group, based out of Kansas City, Missouri brought the intensity which got the crowd moshing like lunatics.  Lead singer Jonny McBee gruffed out vocals like a madman while Cody Stewart pummeled on drums, Collin Woroniak kicked on bass guitar and Matt Moore, the colorful rainbow spectrum attired wearing jumping and kicking and spinning lead guitarist was the ever-present spark plug.  The heavy rhythms and downbeats chugged throughout the set.  The Browning delivers intense in your face metal that grabs you by the balls and takes you for a ride.  A band not to miss should they be performing near you.

Jinjer hit the stage to a rousing reception.  Having decimated The Machine Shop almost a year ago and making a fan out of me and hundreds of fellow concert goers, it was awesome to see them return, this time as headliners.  Jinjer has been one band that has impressed me the most over the past year ever since I’ve first seen them.  Jinjer has the fantastic blend of heavy and sweet.  It all starts with Tatiana Shmailyuk on vocals.  Tatiana has the rare talent of switching vocals gears from a bone rattling heavy gruff to a beautiful soft voice that soothes the soul.  Paired with equally talented musicians, Roman Ibramkhalilov on guitar, Eugene Abdukhanov on bass and Vladislav Ulasevish on drums.  The music is tightly crafted as these guys perform.  The crowd watched in awe as Jinjer delighted the soundwaves with so many great songs like, “Teacher”, “Ape”“Astronomy”, “Captain Clock” and “Pisces”, plus a couple new songs, “Judgement” and “On The Top”, off the soon to be released album, Macro, set to be on sale October 25th.

From beginning to end this was one sold out performance for the books.  Rock and roll is alive and kicking ass!


The Browning

Sumo Cyco

All images © Mike Shaler
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