FESTIVAL REVIEW & PHOTOS: Viva Psycho Fest 2021

Plus photos of DANZIG which the band played "Lucifuge" in its entirety

Danzig at Psycho Las Vegas Festival 2021, located at Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino on Saturday, August 21, 2021. Photo credit: Maurice Nunez.

MAURICE NUNEZ | Go Venue Magazine

It’s been some turbulent times this past year with so many changes to how we live and even how we consume music. No longer did we have the luxury of going to see live shows, we had to change. I could have never imagined a world with no live shows, but unfortunately that became reality. Some of us were open to the idea of live-streaming music performances, but even with those efforts, it could not satisfy the true experience of being at a live show.

This year fans had something to look forward to, Psycho Fest Las Vegas 2021 which was on August 20 to 22, 2021. It was uncertain if any mandates would have to postpone the festivities this year, unfortunately that was the case in 2020. This year Psycho Las Vegas would not be stopped. By no means was it an easy task. Many of the international bands that had planned to play would be effected by the new traveling restrictions and had to pull out from performing this year. That still didn’t stop the show, and the organizers of the festival had to come up with alternate bands that could fill those spots.

Las Vegas Psycho Fest 2021 took place at the Mandalay Bay. We arrived Thursday evening and prepared ourselves to cover 3 days of music across 4 main stages. Both fans and performers were ready for this to happen, as it had been way too long. Of course this year masks were required which most folks complied with as everyone wanted to be safe while still having a great time. The crowds went wild and rightfully so as their time had come once again. The event included moshing, headbanging, tons of live music, huge merch section, and much more! The festival was an amazing sense of community as everyone was able to get back to having a blast at a live show. This was all you could ever ask for from a festival.

We want to thank Psycho Las Vegas 2021 for making it happen! Great bands, venue, merch, and an overall incredible time for all music fans.

This could not of happened without their perseverance. Below we’ve captured some moments from the bands we had a chance to see. Absolutely killer performances from all the bands!

See you next year!

Day 1 – Friday, August 20

Twin Temple


Day 2 – Saturday, August 21



Day 3- Sunday, August 22



High on Fire



Cult of Fire

All images © Maurice Nunez
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