Dirty Honey Celebrates X-Mas with 104-1 The Blaze

Dirty Honey at the Bourbon Theatre in Lincoln, Nebraska on Tuesday, December 3, 2019. Photo by Robert A Chadwick.


On Tuesday, December 3, the city of Lincoln, Nebraska were treated to some west coast rock n’ roll from LA rockers, Dirty Honey, as it was the 104-1 The Blaze Army’s X-Mas Party at the Bourbon Theatre. I was surprised by the amount of people were in the room for a concert on a Tuesday night, but they managed to pack that place.

Evandale from Omaha opened up the show. I saw them last year around this time. I love their musicianship that they convey onstage. From the harmonies to the rhythm section to the guitar playing, they are definitely doing something right in the music scene. Check out their self-titled EP on wherever you listen to music.

Direct support of the night came from Lincoln’s own Freakabout. Fun fact: the last time I saw these guys was when they played a show at my college on my 21st birthday. But, it was an amazing feeling to see them perform at their home base at the Bourbon. They lighting production they brought with them was outstanding. The riffs were heavy. Courtney Kirby croons like an angel. They even covered the Beatles’ “Helter Skelter”, one of my favorite songs ever. Check out their album, Babezooka, because it freakin’ rips!

Finally, the moment everyone was waiting for: Dirty Honey! When I first heard this band on the radio, the first thing I said was, “What year is this?!” Because their music does not sound like anything that is being put out today. And that is a good thing for a band that is rising up. I was immediately captured by the swagger of lead vocalist Marc Labelle, his raspy vocals such ear candy. I was also impressed by John Notto’s lead guitar playing. The man can wale on the instrument for days. They surprised the crowd with a cover of Aerosmith’s “Last Child”, a song that they gained Slash’s seal of approval while on tour with him, as it’s on his favorite album, Rocks. Then they played their smash hit, “When I’m Gone”, with the crowd singing every word from beginning to end. I’m so glad 104-1 The Blaze booked these guys for their X-Mas party because when they drop their first full length album hopefully next year or so, they will be appreciated all around the country.

Dirty Honey



All images © Robert Chadwick Photography
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